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Today’s entry for the NaBloPoMo blogging, Day # 3, I’m also catching up with my Diary entries. For those of you who are new here, the Diary is one that I wrote in when I was 10 years old. I wrote every day for a year in this one, sometimes a little, sometimes more. Every word is just how I wrote it, with corrections of spelling in ( ) and names of family members are only first initial, with explanation of who they are in ( ) … Enjoy! 🙂


Dear Diary – 10/21/61 … We went to town. I got a flue (flu) shot. I got some shoes. We went to Barnies. (? I don’t have any idea what or who Barnies is…I think I meant Brownies…the little Girl Scout troop)

Dear Diary – 10/22/61 … I played. I went riding with J (cousin) I went to grandmas. granny came over. I played. (again, we went riding…not sure if it was on our bikes, because we did that a lot, or if it was horseback riding, which we did every Saturday morning)

Dear Diary – 10/23/61 … I went to school. I played. I made some fuge (fudge) candy.

Dear Diary – 10/24/61 … I went to school. I played.

Dear Diary – 10/25/61 … I went to school. I played.

Dear Diary – 10/26/61 … I went to school. I played. We went to grannys. B & N, S & B (uncle, aunt, cousins) were there.

Dear Diary – 10/27/61 …I went to school. I went to J’s (cousin) . Mother and daddy came.
We sang songs. I got stung by a wasp.  (OUCH!) haha

Dear Diary – 10/28/61 … I played. We went to grannys, I played. We went to Abernathy (a little town N. of our city) to take S (cousin) to a party.

Dear Diary – 10/29/61 … I played. I went to J’s (cousin). Mama, J (aunt) & B (aunt) went bicyle (bicycle) riding.

Dear Diary – 10/30/61 … I went to school. I played. we made some candy and stuff.

Dear Diary – 10/31/61 … I went to school. I played. B (aunt) got some new furniture. It is Halloween. I got a bunck (bunch of prizes) … Our elementary school held a Halloween Carnival every year. Each room we could play games and win little prizes.)

Dear Diary – 11/1/61 …I went to school. I played.

Dear Diary – 11/2/61 …I went to school. J (cousin) came over. I played.

Dear Diary – 11/3/61 … I went to school. I went to grandmas while mama, daddy, and grandpa went to the hostpitle (hospital) to see Mr. J (a neighbor)

a note about the day after Halloween… When we all went back to school that morning, my whole 5th grade classroom was having a crazy fun time before the bell rang. We were in the room, but the teacher wasn’t there yet. All the kids (me included) had brought our candy loot from the night before, and were throwing it all over the place, and each other. We were leaping around desks, and laughing like crazy. So much fun! …but… the teacher came in and was not happy. She made everyone drag their desks out into the hallway, to sit there quietly for awhile. Even that was funny to us. Eventually she let us all back into the room. hahaha! 😉


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