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DEAR DIARY – May 27 – June 7, 1961


DEAR DIARY – MAY 27 – June 7, 1961


Dear Diary,

5/27/61 – I played all day. C & E (great aunt and uncle) came over Grandmas.

5/28/61  – I played. We went to church. When we got home I played with J (cousin)

5/29/61 – I went to school. when I came home I played. Grandpa came over.

5/30/61 – I played with J (cousin). She and V (cousin) spent the night.

5/31/61 – I went to school. It was the last day. When I came home we went to the store. Then to the dime store.

6/1/61 – I played. It was mother’s birthday. We went to town. I got her a  box of powder, and a vace (vase) of flowers. P (sister) got her a bottle of perfume. N (aunt) got her a perfume bottle. J (cousin) and D (cousin) got her some flowers. I spent the night over J’s (cousin)

6/2/61 – I played all day. J (cousin) and i played in the water. Then we went to the driving range. (golf).  B (aunt) went with us.

6/3/61 – We played. We went to get Dusty (our dog) and Toro (grandma’s dog) vaxanatied (vaccinated). Then we went to Grannys. T (uncle) was over. Granny went home with him. We went to the dime store. We got a 101 Dalmations set. (I think this was one of those Playform vinyl punch-out & stick on a scene things that was so popular back then.)

6/4/61 – I played. We went to Grandmas. Then we went to B’s (aunt) Daddy and H (uncle) went glofing (golfing) at night. Grand pa came over and ate supper with us.

6/5/61 – I played. I gathered Black berries. We went to town. We bought a desk. When we came home I played. M & O (friends of parents) came over. A storm came.

6/6/61 – I played all day. Mother got a permenint (permanent for her hair)

6/7/61 – We went to town. Then we went to the Bakery.


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