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DEAR DIARY – MAY 1 -12, 1961


DEAR DIARY – MAY 1 – 12, 1961



Dear Diary,

5/1/61 – I went to school. It rained all day. When I came home I painted. Then I watched tv. Then I went to bed.

5/2/61 – I went to school. After school P (sister) walked home with me for the first time. When we got home we played. Then we went to bed.

5/3/61 – I went to school. When I came home. J(cousin) came home with me. We played. Then we went to Grandmas. P rode the bike. When we went home I played with P. Then I came in. Then I went to bed.

5/4/61 – I went to school.

5/5/61 – I went to school .

5/6/61 – Daddy played golf today. I helped mother clean the house. B (aunt) & kids came over. We went to the show tonight. Saw “North to Alaska” and “Edge of Eternity.” Came home & the house was full of millers.

**note** these past 3 were for some reason written in my mom’s handwriting. Why, I don’t know. Guess I was too busy to write? Who knows. Those 2 movies, well, I’m sure they were what my parents wanted to see. Not kid movies at all. And…the millers…oh my, those were moths, we called them millers, or candle bugs, or space coasters. We had an invasion of them and it was crazy! 🙂

5/7/61 – We went to church. It had a sandstorm. (It? haha the church had a sandstorm? well, I’m sure I was just talking about the weather of the day.) … Daddy plumbed (He was a master plumber) haha I wrote ‘plumbed’ – didn’t know I knew that word back then at 10 years old! … for our washing machine. We went to the grocery store. Then we went to N’s (aunt) and then to B’s (aunt)

5/8/61 – I went to school. I went to see Dr. Jenkins. I have exzema on my head. Went to school this evening. Mother had her ears washed out.

5/9/61 – I went to school. J (cousin) came home with me to play.’

5/10/61 – I went to school.

5/11/61 – I went to school. It is D’s (cousin) birthday. He got 4 dollars and a half, a bilfold (billfold), Thongs (flip-flops), bicycle. We played out side for a long time.


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