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Dear Diary – January 22 – 31, 1961


Dear Diary – January 22 – 31, 1961



For those who haven’t seen my Dear Diary posts before, a little explanation. This is my actual diary I wrote in for a full year, when I was 10 years old. I wrote every day, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, sometimes funny, sometimes boring, but it was all recorded. Names of relatives are only first initials with relationship in parentheses. I’ve typed the entries just as I wrote them, misspellings and all, but corrected in parentheses. More posts of Dear Diary can be found by using categories, or search box. Hope you enjoy reading my childhood diary! 🙂


Dear Diary,

1/22/61 – We went to eat dinner over to grand-ma’s. After dinner we all went riding. we went to Abbernathy, (Abernathy), New Deal, Hale center, Plainview, and to Tulia & Happy (all little TX towns around here). When we home we went over to Grand-ma’s and ate supper. When we came home we went to bed.

1/23/61 – I went to school and had fun. After I came home we went to get a book about birds and butterflys (butterflies) {these were a type of illustrated children’s encyclopedia they offered at the grocery store each week}. When we got home we ate supper and then played a game. Then we went to bed.

1/24/61 – I went to school. It snowed all day. When I was going to get In the car the door was stuck so we got in the front of the car. When I got home the trees were covered with Ice. then I traced some pictures. Then I went to bed.

1/25/61 – I went to school and got my report card. I brought my grades up. When I got home I showed It to mother and daddy. then I played and then I went to bed.

1/26/61 – I went to school. It snowed all day. daddy didn’t work today. at school we went to the museum. we went to see Ranching. we rode on a bus over there.

1/27/61 – I went to school and had fun. It snowed again. we did not go bowling because it snowed.

1/28/61 – today is Saturday and I did not go to school. P (sister) and I went out and played in the snow. we drwe (drew) all day.

1/29/61 – we played all day. we played with tinker toys and Paper dolls. Grand ma and Grand-pa, N (aunt) and B (uncle), H (uncle), and B (aunt) came over. when they went home we watched tv then we went to bed.

1/30/61 – I went to school and had an acheighment Test (achievement test). when I got home P (sister) and I got to ply (play) in the snow. when daddy came home we went to the store and got a book about cats and money. Grandpa came and got our dog house, so their puppy could sleep in it. then we went to bed.

1/31/61 – I went to school and we finished our test. When I got home I played outside. the snow has melted. M and O (friends of my parents) came over and we showed fims (films – home movies). When they went home we went to bed.


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