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Just Jot It January -Daytime Drama


Just Jot It January  – Daytime Drama 

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 1st, 2018


Here it is January 1st already. Do you know what that means? It is time again for Linda’s “Just Jot It January”! Thanks, Linda!

Just follow the link above to find out the details of this month long challenge. Basically, anything you post to your blog is just fine for it. There are some suggested prompts if you want to use them, or just post whatever you want. It’s fun! 🙂

Today’s prompt word is brought to you by Ritu. You can find her blog at:  https://butismileanyway.com/2018/01/01/jusjojan-january-1st-2018-drama/




Soapy Storytelling

Do you enjoy watching soap operas? How many of you admit to watching, and even enjoying soaps. Did you watch them in the past…do you still catch an episode now and then? Tuning in to ‘the stories’ has been a favorite pastime for many years, first on the radio, then on television.

I watched quite a few of them over the years. Only recently have I stopped.That’s because one by one, my favorites were cancelled after such long-running series. I’d watched “All My Children” since it’s beginning, in 1970, hardly ever missing a show. Then, after 41 years on the air, it was gone.

Soap operas are a fantastic feat in storytelling. The writers may have changed over the years, but from it’s inception, “All My Children” remained true to it’s creator’s vision. Agnes Nixon, who conceived of this soap opera, among many others, began just like all writers do to this day. She began with an idea, a vision of a story in her head. Putting pen to paper, she created the world of Pine Valley, and populated it with interesting characters.

There were many family groups, each with their own trials and tribulations, story lines, and more drama than any family should ever have to deal with. Eventually, all the characters in this imagined world, would come to know each other, and interact in all types of situations. During it’s run, it was a forerunner in bringing to light, many of the world’s concerns, and among the first to bring awareness, on air, to such groundbreaking issues as…the Viet Nam war, abortion, homelessness, racism, mental illnesses, diabetes, homosexuality, domestic violence, aids awareness, drug and gambling addiction, sexual harassment, and many other topics in the news of the changing times.

To have kept the story going all those years, and to have kept the audience interested and coming back for more, is a bit of writing genius, in my opinion. Can you imagine doing that…keeping your novel going for 41 years, writing a chapter each and every day, keeping the characters and plots moving forward? On top of all that, Ms Nixon and her team, managed to do the editing, rewriting, scripts, scenes, hiring of actors, television crews, and all others involved, and keep writing the story to make it all come together to meet the daily deadline.

Such is the world of soap operas. I applaud Agnes Nixon, for her dedication to her craft, for being such a wonderful storyteller, and for keeping me, and many thousands of soap opera fanatics, happy to tune in for another episode of the continuing story.

My copy of the history of “All My Children

Here you can find more about the soap opera, “All My Children”.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_My_Children


note: First published on this blog in May 2014. Very few saw it back then, so this is a look back, and it fits the day’s prompt of ‘drama’.


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