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Do you remember the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”? He was the boy who traded his family’s cow for some magic beans. His mother threw them out the window, she was so upset. However, overnight one of the beans, being magic, grew into a really tall beanstalk. He climbed it way up into the sky, and found the giant’s house. After tricking the giant, Jack was able to escape with the goose that laid the golden egg. He and his mother lived happily ever after, on the riches the golden eggs provided.

I think my cats hope something like that happens when I give them their crunchy cat food. They eat it all, except one. All four cats have a habit of doing this. I don’t knw why, but could be they think if they leave one, it will be magic and make more crunchy food appear. Most of the time it works.

Eventually, I’ll add more crunchies to the one left behind…and, just like the cats planned, the magic crunchy made more for them. Now, if only it would grow a big, tall, crunchy tree for them to climb, they would be even more amazed. 🙂   This is Cricket!Image