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Back Where I Come From – Day 3


Back Where I Come From – Day 3



Thanks for hosting this fun new challenge, Suzanne!

If you’d like to join in, just click the above link for the details. It’s fun! 🙂


Question # 3 –

3. Were you raised in a town/city or in a rural area? Do you live in the same type of place now?


My answer:

Our house was in the city limits, but just barely. We were on the north edge of town in a small addition, a little ways south of the local airport. There were cotton fields on two sides by our house. It wasn’t unusual to see someone with a horse and wagon going down the street, even as the jet planes came in low for landing over our heads. I used to wave at the people in the planes in the hopes they could see me out in the back yard. They probably could, as I could almost see in the plane windows as I was trying to look at them.

Before we had a fence in back, we kids sometimes got stranded, standing on the side bars of our swing set. That’s because some farmer’s hogs/pigs got loose and were roaming the neighborhood. We’d holler, “The pigs are coming!” We’d have to stay up on the swings until they went on their way.

Our next door neighbor kept chickens in her back yard. The whole half of her yard was like a big chicken coop.

My dog used to run barking at the crop duster planes, as they swooped very low, spraying the cotton fields in the early fall. We have a home movie of this, too.

So, to answer the question, finally… we lived in the city, but it was very rural.

And, we live in the same city now, only on the southern edge, barely in the city limits. We still occasionally see someone riding a horse through the neighborhood, and not too far, maybe a mile or less, there are farms with horses, and goats. 🙂


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One Word Photo Challenge: Crop


img_4115 img_4116 img_4117 img_4118

This is the progression of my little ‘crop’ of the summer. I planted some birdseed, to get the grain, and some sunflower seeds, to get the pretty flowers. A few are still blooming out there.

Thinking of the word crop, for this challenge, several other things came to mind.

  1. Crop circles … I’d like to see these in person. I think aliens do them all over the world. Such intricate patterns! Maybe they have some secret meaning?
  2. Crop duster airplanes … We’ve seen these a lot around here, spraying the crops. The planes are fun to watch, swooping really low to the ground. Once, we had a dog who would run up and down the back yard fence, barking at the planes. We lived right by a couple of cotton fields. It was funny to watch him, thinking he’d catch the plane or something.
  3. I’ve been to a ‘cropping party’ for scrapbooking. A group of ladies get together, bring their photos, and other scrapbook supplies, and make a party of it. There’s usually refreshments.
  4. An old saying I’ve always heard is, ‘come a cropper’. Now, I always thought it meant the farmers had a good and profitable crop that year. Turns out I was wrong. I looked up the definition of the saying, and it means to fall headlong from a horse, or to suffer some misfortune. Now I know! 🙂


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