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Halloween Countdown # 30 – Party


Halloween Countdown # 30 – Party




My painted rock (black) with yellow Party and orange dots


These are some kid’s Halloween parties where they were wearing costumes.

img_4165 img_4168 img_4167


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Countdown to Halloween – Day 15


Countdown to Halloween – Day 15



Poem # 15

Concealed – Revealed


The day before tomorrow…is today…

Your mask of anticipation builds.

Excitement electrifies the air.

What will you be?

What have you been before?

Your inside self begs to come out.

Today, your tomorrow will be revealed.

Think of it…

Why do you want to be another,

Or, do both of you reside inside together?

One day to be the other.

Let it be known…

Your true self – your alter ego –

Will come forth.

A subconscious serenade to

What could have been.

You put on your Halloween masquerade of reality…

It hides nothing…It shows everything.

Your true identity is loosed into the here and now.

One night to reveal…One night to peel away

At your brick walls of respectability.

Go forth in your splendor…fooling no one.

Your psyche revels in it’s one night to be true.

Don’t be frightened, it’s only you…

Your innate personality shows you the way.

This one night to surface. They’ll understand.

You’ll squelch, and hide, and deceive yourself.

When the revelry is over, the night turns to normalcy and,

You’ll be the deceiver of your soul again.

Hiding away your alter ego for another night like this…

A future into what future may come.

You quiet your soul’s yearning for release from polite restraints.

Your wild wants out…it wants to take over.

Society would frown, and put you down…

You must fit in, you’re required to blend…

Until this one night – Halloween Night –

When your mask shows truly what you’ve been.


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31 Days of Halloween – Costume


31 Days of Halloween – Costume


Yesterday was the final day of the Halloween Challenge for this year. I’ve had fun painting all the rocks, and hope you enjoyed seeing them.

The last prompt to use was ‘costume’. I was busy with Halloween things, so never got this last one posted, but here it is. 🙂



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19 SOMETHIN’ – SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY # 2 19-somethin_sidebar_button


Click the above link to find out how to join in the fun of answering a question a day through the month of September! 🙂


Day # 2

Q – What is the first video game that you remember playing? Were you good at it? What game system did you play it on, or was it in an arcade?


photo from Pixabay

My girls had the original Mario Brothers game on a Nintendo game system. They got really good at playing it, and let me try it once…yeah, once. haha…I had no idea what I was supposed to do with the control thing, and it made no sense to me at all. So my game playing lasted about a minute or so? I never played any other game until we got our computer and I found out there were online games to be downloaded and played right on the screen. So, I started out on those Mahjong games, which are slow and easy to do. Now, I play several of the Match 3 games. That’s it.

One Halloween we decided to make costumes for the dogs. It was suggested they should be the Mario Brothers. I planned and cut the felt, and sewed the names on, and we dressed the dogs up. They didn’t mind at all. We made costumes for all the dogs, and cats for years, and have photos of them all. Even the cats didn’t mind us dressing them up. At least they didn’t put up a fuss about it, while we took their picture. Then, we took off the costumes. I still have them all. 🙂 Here’s Bud, and Weasel (sadly not with us any more) as Mario and Luigi.

img_3849 img_3850


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One Word Photo Challenge: Clothes

Every week there is a new prompt word. We submit photos of our interpretation of this word. Click the link above to find out how to join in, and to see other’s entries. 🙂



clothes hanging on my clothes-line


vintage clothes (on a post-card)


mannequin models


cow & bull mannequins (in a shop inside Dallas/Ft.Worth airport)


Paolo, wearing home-made king costume



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