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April Squares Day # 1 – Top Hat


April Squares Day # 1 – Top Hat Squares Logo


April Fools and March Hares

This is the first day of Becky’s Square Challenge for April 2020.

To join in, and to see other entries, just click the above link.

The topic this month is ‘Top’. Thanks so much, Becky, for hosting this fun challenge. 🙂


My photo shows our dog, Bud, who isn’t with us any longer. He was a good dog, who looked like a small black lab. Here he is wearing a black top hat, a black, white and red bow tie, and white cuffs on his front feet.


“Top Hat”, from the Irving Berlin musical.


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JNW’s 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN – DAY 16 – TRICKS  pumpkin-161650_1280

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Tricks


This is a poem I wrote for OctPoWriMo  back in 2014. Maybe I should re-title it “Tricks of the Eye”?

We love to play make-believe at Halloween, by putting on costumes and masks. We think we are

tricking you, but most can see through your masquerade. 🙂




The day before tomorrow…is today…

Your mask of anticipation builds.

Excitement electrifies the air.

What will you be?

What have you been before?

Your inside self begs to come out.

Today, your tomorrow will be revealed.

Think of it…

Why do you want to be another,

Or, do both of you reside inside together?

One day to be the other.

Let it be known…

Your true self – your alter ego –

Will come forth.

A subconscious serenade to

What could have been.

You put on your Halloween masquerade of reality…

It hides nothing…It shows everything.

Your true identity is loosed into the here and now.

One night to reveal…One night to peel away

At your brick walls of respectability.

Go forth in your splendor…fooling no one.

Your psyche revels in it’s one night to be true.

Don’t be frightened, it’s only you…

Your innate personality shows you the way.

This one night to surface. They’ll understand.

You’ll squelch, and hide, and deceive yourself.

When the revelry is over, the night turns to normalcy and,

You’ll be the deceiver of your soul again.

Hiding away your alter ego for another night like this…

A future into what future may come.

You quiet your soul’s yearning for release from polite restraints.

Your wild wants out…it wants to take over.

Society would frown, and put you down…

You must fit in, you’re required to blend…

Until this one night – Halloween Night –

When your mask shows truly what you’ve been.



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Today’s color to match is called, Vivid Violet, another purple shade.

Find out more about the Crayola Color Challenge by clicking below:

Color Your World – Vivid Violet


Here is a prickly pear cactus. I took this photo while visiting Ft. Davis. Next is a piñata that was for sale in the grocery store. Then, there is Paolo, in a cute costume. I thought it matched at first, then it doesn’t, except the bow that ties on his crown seems to match the vivid violet color. Anyway, it’s a cute picture of him. 🙂

IMG_2587 IMG_2383 IMG_2580


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