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The Cobbler

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The Cobbler

He cobbled me a conversation

Made of words and phrases

He took me on a wondertrip

To all the magic places

He cobbled me back together

As only he could do

I fell into his conjuring tale,

And away we both flew…

Cobbling juju?


Thanks for the fun prompt word, De!

For dVerse Poets – Quadrille 44 words – Cobble Us a Poem

Quadrille #58 – Cobble us a Poem


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Today’s assignment from Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, was to use found poetry, a landscape, and enumeratio. Found poetry are words found in other places, such as books, magazines, magnetic poetry tiles, or anywhere. You put them together to form your own poem. Enumeratio is a listing of several ideas, or things. I had trouble finding words in other places…well, I found words, but then tried to take a picture of them, which didn’t work…they wouldn’t show up in the picture very good. So, instead, here’s a picture I took of a beautiful sunrise, a while back.




Stand in the air…look up at the ground…

Forests, mountains, sand, and sea,

All I see is magic to me.

Stars, planets, sun, and moon…

Morning, evening, night, and noon…

Ever changing, dark to light,

I live in such a wondrous sight.

Up into the stratosphere,

It’s aura far, yet still so near.

Hard as ice, or soft summer breeze,

Give me more of all that, please.

I found the words inside my brain…

The horde in there, does cause such pain.

I conjure them up, to write them down…

Now, I can smile instead of frown.

Yes, you know not what I mean,

To live and breathe a waking dream.

So beautiful, it makes me cry…

My landscape is of course…the sky.


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