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Color Your World – 2018 – Bluetiful


Color Your World – 2018 – Bluetiful 

This Week’s Challenges: December 31 – January 6 (OWPC, WW & CYW)


It’s time again for the Color Your World Crayola Crayon Challenge! It will run for 4 months, from January 1, 2018 all the way through the month of April.

Our host, Jennifer, presents us with this calendar of colors, which shows which day each color should be posted. (each month will be a new calendar of colors) Pretty much anything goes, such as photos, writing, poems, art, or anything else you can think of, as long as it has something to do with the color of the day.

Follow the link above to find out details. Thanks Jennifer!

Why not join in! It’s fun! 🙂


january cyw 2018


So, first up we have a brand new color that was recently added to the Crayola Crayons. It is named, “Bluetiful”. (they retired the Dandelion crayon color).

I’m thinking if it is a brand new color, then there wouldn’t be anything to find of that specific color yet. But, to me, it looks like a deep royal blue, so will try to match as close as I can.

Here we go…

  • Blue on Christmas tree
  • Blue colored water on windshield at a car wash


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