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The color of the day is Antique Brass. Thank you, Jennifer, for hosting this challenge 🙂


DOOR KNOCKERbrass-door-knocker

The little cabin in the North Carolina woods was the home of Steve and Ghost. It was an eclectic mix of witchery and charms, which blended in nicely with their modern day hippie lifestyle, and well suited for the musicians.

Driving the long, dirt road leading up to the gravel drive in front of the cabin, you see the weathered wood structure, rustic in it’s simplicity. You hesitate a few moments, as you sit in your car, wondering if you dare get out.

A set of rickety, board steps lead onto a large, covered porch. There are a couple of chipped coffee cups sitting there, on the porch railing, as if someone had recently been standing there, watching you approach. Did you just see the yellowed, lace curtain twitch back? Your heart skips a beat.

You shouldn’t be afraid. Steve and Ghost are well known, and liked in the small town of Missing Mile, and they are friendly. Yet, still you hesitate on this first visit to their house. A thought crosses your mind, why am I here? You’ve momentarily forgotten. Taking a deep breath, you get out of your car.

The hushed absence of sound, way back here in the woods, is deafening. Not even a bird makes a twitter in the pine trees. It’s as if every creature is waiting for your next move. You step forward, your shoes crunching the gravel…the only sound.

As you set a foot on the first, half-rotted porch step, it creaks. Then, looking farther up, you see the large blue and yellow pentagram, painted on the wood, right in front of the door. Gulping, you feel a shudder flow through your body. Then, you remember. Ghost has spoken of painting his warding off sign, many times before. He said it was to repel evil spirits. But, should you step on it, or over it? Would it bring bad luck?

Looking to your right, you see the old porch swing, gently swaying, even though there is no breeze. A colorful crocheted Afghan is draped haphazardly across the back and seat. You’ve heard stories of Ghost’s grandmother, now deceased. Some people called her a witch, because of her odd ways, and herbal medicines. She must have been the one to have made the Afghan.

You turn back to the front door. When you pull back the old-fashioned screen door, you gasp, seeing a grotesque face staring at you, at eye level.  But, it’s only a door knocker…an antique brass gargoyle, with a large ring through it’s nose. Closing your eyes for a second, you know you’ll have to touch it, to knock on the door, but you know you know you don’t want to. why am I here…why am I here? you whisper.

Not wanting to step on the pentagram, you stretch your arm out, to try to grab the nose ring. Barely reaching it, you find it is icy cold, and you shiver, but you pull it back, then let it go. It strikes three times, as it bounces against the metal plate behind it.

That’s all you can manage. You are breathing fast, ready to turn and run, when you see the door slowly opening, and there is Ghost, smiling his crooked grin at you.

“Hey, come on in…I got coffee.”

You smile back, and follow him inside. You are inside the little cabin in the woods, wondering what other strange things you’ll see, and hoping you remember why you’re here.

The end…or not…


This was just a little extra for “Two Souls: Into the Fire”… my continuing fan fiction story I write on my other blog, which I invite you to visit, also here .*

*I claim no ownership of the characters, as they were created by Poppy Z. Brite, in her novel, “Lost Souls”. The situations I write, are from my own imagination.


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