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Sabi Saturday – Vintage Coffee Pot & Egg Poacher


Sabi Saturday – Vintage Coffee Pot & Egg Poacher

Sabi Saturday, Week 13



To find out more details, and join in, just click the above link.


Sabi Saturday is open for a whole week where we share:

  • the vintage/antique items handed down or we “rescue” from garage sales and thrift stores so they don’t end up in a trash bin
  • items we’ve upcycled instead of throwing them away
  • items we’ve repaired in a transformative way to make them more beautiful or cooler than before
  • process or tutorials on how we upcycled or repaired something to make something new, more beautiful, or cooler
  • the main idea is showing how we treasure or reuse or creatively transform things that have some history to them, may be a bit worn but nevertheless are still useful/beautiful and often have character.


For Sabi Saturday I have these to show you.

A vintage 1940s electric egg poacher, and a drip coffee pot.

They are both aluminum (I think) and silver in color. They are old, and have stains and discoloring, though.

The egg poacher has a clear cylinder measuring cup thing on the top of the lid. You then put in however much water into the bottom part of the poacher according to how long a time you want your eggs cooked. When it’s done cooking the water will have evaporated letting the steam cook the eggs in the 3 egg cups.  It is made by Sunbeam and is marked E2.

My mom got this from a yard sale many years ago, and when she was done with it, she let me have it.

The coffee pot, which is a drip kind,came from a yard sale, also. I found several of them in a box, just as the people were closing up their sale. Of course I got them all. You boil water in the bottom part, and the small basket attaches to the top part and holds the coffee grounds. You then pour the boiling water into the top part, set it onto the top, and the water drips through. It is made by Wear-Ever and is marked No. 956.

My family used a coffee pot just the same for as long as I can remember.

Yes, we still do use both of these from time to time. They make excellent eggs, and coffee.


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