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JUST JOT IT JANUARY – # 31 – CLUMSY untitled

Today’s prompt word is Clumsy.

You can find more about this challenge by clicking below:

Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy

However, today is the final day of the challenge. This month of posting every day, has been so much fun! I’ve enjoyed thinking of things to write about using the prompt words (except maybe a couple), and reading what everyone else posted.

Thank you, Linda Hill, for hosting the Just Jot It January challenge. I’ll look forward to it again next year!


Clumsy = awkward in movement or in handling things.

I’m surprised it didn’t list my name in the definition, because yes, I am clumsy. If there is something to be dropped, tripped over, dripped, knocked down, it will happen when I’m around. And, I fall down a lot, sometimes for no reason.

I’ve always been clumsy, even when young. I have weak ankles, so had to wear special shoes (ugly) for years. Didn’t help with the clumsiness, though. Now, my feet, ankles, and knees get so stiff, I can barely walk sometimes, and feel stabbing pains with every step. People say I am worse than a toddler, since I could fall down any second. I tend to hold on to furniture, and walls when I walk around.

Stitches, I’ve had them, from being clumsy and falling, or being careless in what I was doing. Cuts from breaking glass, knives, and those exploding enchiladas, too.

If there’s something to bump into, I’ll find it. My head finds corners of cabinets, quite often. I bump into people at stores, so I’m always saying excuse me. I can’t walk in a straight line, ever. I tilt. That may be because I have vertigo, so things look wonky half the time. Tri-focal glasses don’t help the situation, either.

I spill, dribble, splash, and knock food and drinks over, wherever I am. I have to have bunches of napkins, and still I make a mess.

One spectacular fall I had once, was in the grocery store. I slipped on something on the floor, slid a ways, almost doing the splits, pulling the grocery cart over on top of me. What I slipped in was clear, liquid fabric softener. I was soaked head to toe in the stuff, but wasn’t really hurt, just sore, and continued my shopping. I smelled really good though 🙂

Well, I seem to see a pattern here, reading your posts. Are all writers clumsy? hahaha 😉

Take care, and see you next year for Just Jot It January! xo


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