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These photos of firemen and their fire truck were taken not long ago, close by our house. I think they were testing the fire plugs for water pressure.

My story of flames, though, happened many years ago, in another country…Japan.

We lived on the Army Base there in Sagamihara, Japan, right outside Tokyo. The house was furnished with the usual amenities plus appliances. One morning I was wanting some cinnamon toast, made in the broiler of the oven. All was good, until I completely forgot about it being in there.

I only remembered when I saw flames coming out of the lower part of the oven/stove. Smoke was getting everywhere. I did manage to turn off the control dial, and call the fire department. They came right away, put out the fire, and all was good again. I don’t remember them using a hose, but just taking out the flaming cinnamon toast and putting it in the sink, running water on it. I’m not sure how the flames went out in the oven, as I was keeping my little girls out of the kitchen, and out of the way. The oven was destroyed, though, and we had to have another one brought out to our house.

The funny thing was that later in the week, the whole incident was reported in the base newspaper. It was a bit embarrassing, too. I never did get my breakfast that day. I still have a problem with trying to heat up bread in the oven. Most times I still burn it first, then have to start over, but haven’t had flames any more.


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