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Christmas Memory # 4 – Neighbor Gifts


Christmas Memory # 4 – Neighbor Gifts Click to view




For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


We’ve lived in this house and neighborhood for about 25 years now, and it’s a good place. The neighbors are nice and friendly, and everyone watches out for the others, and helps out when needed.

For a long time it was the same, but then some moved away, and some passed away, but there sure was some good memories from Christmas time.

Everyone would make treats to give to everybody else, and deliver them in the days right before the holiday. There was nothing real elaborate – just a batch of home made cookies or candy, a cheese ball and crackers, cheese dip and chips – things like that.

Most times I sent over decorated cut out cookies with a Christmas theme, and one time a decorated bundt cake. Once I embroidered dish towels to add with the cookies, or added an ornament for their tree. Another neighbor gave us a basket with Christmas mugs and hot chocolate mix.

It was nice to walk down the sidewalk, looking at the lights, and delivering our little presents. It really put everyone in the Christmas spirit.


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I have this candle. It sits on the shelf in my living room, in a square, glass jar. It is red, smells good, like spice, and is named “Christmas Spirit”. I’ve had it awhile, but have never lit it. My sister gave it to me because she was scared of it.

You may think that’s a strange reason to gift me with the candle, but I don’t. She knows I love all weird and paranormal things, and this candle had been acting ‘weird’ over at her house. I think she’d bought it at a yard sale, along with some others, a long time ago. She had this one and the others sitting out on her kitchen table, as she was thinking of getting rid of them, now.

She gave me the candle, and told me this spooky story about it. … She was sitting at her table, early one morning, while the house was quiet. She was sipping her coffee, when all of a sudden, the glass lid on the ‘Spirit’ candle popped off with a loud noise, and flew off across the room. It landed quite a distance away, but didn’t break. She was lucky it did not hit her, as it went flying by. There was no rational reason for the lid to come off the glass jar. The table was not jiggled, the room was an even temperature, and the lid had been securely fastened down on top of the jar. She had never burned the candle, either.

So, that’s why she was scared of it…maybe it was possessed, or would do it again at any given moment. Anyway, now I have it. I’ve been waiting for it to do something else…hoping it would flip it’s lid again…anything. I thought that being over here, at my house, with the resident spirits and ghosts, would trigger an incident, but so far it hasn’t. I wish it would.

Could it be that the ‘spirits’ in the Christmas candle are happier now, being around others of it’s kind? I don’t know, but if it does do anything else strange, I’ll let you know.


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