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Ok, so…Christmas Specials is the topic for the Christmas Countdown on day 3 of the challenge. (yes, I’m running late on these, go figure 🙂 …

Now, by Christmas Specials, I’m thinking these are for television programs? All I can think of are those for kids, like the Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman. I used to watch all of them. They are good and have stood the test of time, as I’m sure most little kids love them, even today. My kids liked them a lot, and I guess my grand-kids do, too. I sometimes see them on, but don’t make a point of sitting and watching the whole thing, these days.

If you are meaning, movie specials on TV…let’s see. I’m sure I’ve watched some, but can’t recollect what they were, right now. Maybe White Christmas, or It’s a Wonderful Life, but I’ve actually never watched them all the way through.

I do like the the sit-com TV show Christmas Specials. Pretty much all of them I’ll watch, more than once, if they are aired every season.

Do y’all make a point of watching the special Christmas shows every year?


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