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Christmas Memory # 1 – Pets & Presents


Christmas Memory # 1 – Pets & Presents Click to view


For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


You know if you have pets, like a cat or a dog, and it’s time for Christmas trees and presents, well there will be mishaps.

This one is when we had only dogs – a couple of Basset Hounds, a part Lab, and a part Lab/Basset. They always loved getting into things, and especially at Christmas time.

My daughters had gotten one of those Advent calendars each, and behind each little numbered door was a piece of chocolate candy. I think they’d opened one or two, but then the dogs got into the treats, tearing into the cardboard calendars and eating all the candy. They felt no ill effects from eating the chocolate – and I did kind of worry about that – but they were fine. The dogs showed no remorse whatsoever.

My girls, though, were very upset. That was the first time they’d had one of these calendars, and I can’t remember if they ever got another one after this disaster. 🙂

Here’s the culprit’s pictures from better days: (sadly, they’ve all passed on now)










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