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Jalapeno Dip Flip – NanoPoblano – Day 14


Jalapeno Dip Flip – NanoPoblano – Day 14




The third true story of my misadventures with Mexican food, I’ve named…


This time, my daughter and I were at a restaurant. We’d just finished a great Mexican food meal, which included a unique dip to have with the tortilla chips…a creamy jalapeno concoction, that is very good.

We were sitting at our table, the place was crowded and noisy, with people talking and cool music playing. The waiter came bustling by to ask if we needed anything else, and to take away our empty dishes. He stacked up an armload, and just as he turns to leave, all the dishes he was holding, toppled over…onto my daughter.

The plates and bowls were mostly empty, but there was some of the jalapeno dip left, and it went splashing everywhere. It was on the table, the floor, and all over my daughter, from head to toe…in her long hair, on her clothes, and on her sandaled feet.  We grabbed what few napkins were there, to try and wipe it all off. The waiter was all apologetic, trying to help wipe her off, then ran to get more napkins.

We did the best we could, then paid for the meal and left. Maybe we should have been compensated for the meal after that? The waiter did offer to pay for any dry-cleaning, though.

Now, back at the car, we were laughing about the incident, calling it the ‘Jalapeno Dip Flip’. We still had places we had to go, and so we did, even smelling like jalapenos. I don’t know if everywhere we went, the smell was noticeable. If people did notice, they didn’t mention it.

Now, whenever we have Mexican food, we are on high alert for weird disasters to happen. 🙂


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