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Today is the last day of the Daily Post, Writing: 201, Poetry, course from Blogging U. It has been lots of fun, and I have learned a lot about writing poems. I’m glad I signed up to do this, and will continue to write and learn more. Thank you to all who have visited here, enjoyed reading, and left comments. I appreciate your support. 🙂 …

The assignment for today was to write a sonnet, about the future, and using chiasmus (key-AHS-mus) which is taking a few words written one way, then reversing it. I tried my best to do the sonnet, but found it to be a bit difficult. There were so many things to remember that go into one! A bit unorthodox, I know, but I have this in two parts…and, I’m sure this broke down into a somewhat free verse, but hope you enjoy it!



Part 1

I saw a course from Blogging U, and joined without delay;

It was to learn to write in verse and rhyme.

So, verily, I began to rhyme and verse…my way.

A Haiku was the first in line, this time.

I didn’t know where this would lead, but I was having fun.

A simile, about the water, and a journey to be done…

Limericks, alliteration, trust, internal rhyme,

A concrete animal, enjambment, too, and counting all the time.

Then came the fog, an elegy, with metaphor, say what?

I got my pen, and dove right in, and gave it all I’ve got.

Some of these made me smile, and then we learned some more…

A ballad for a hero, epistrophe, and an anaphora;

These terms are slowly making sense, even as the course gets harder.

I buckle down, try not to frown, as I feel I’m getting smarter.

Part 2

To pen an ode about a drawer, and an apostrophe, my word!

We go to the Commons, to tell our tale, and be heard.

Then to find a landscape, and enumeratio we go…

We must not stop, we must go forward, tally-ho!

Prose with assonance is easy, though, I let my fingers do the typing.

Our voices raised, we raise our voices, as we each do our own hyping.

Now that this sonnet’s finished, with fanfare and chiasmus…

We shall celebrate our hard work, and now will make a fuss,

From here on out, I do believe, our future can be written…

I love the form, the poetry’s charm, and know that I am smitten!

Yes! Believe it … Poets we are…we are Poets!


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂