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Chasing a Sunbeam


Chasing Sunbeams


This is just a fun, and kind of strange memory from a long time ago.

I usually drove my daughter to school each morning, and we’d go by her friend’s house to pick her up to ride with us, too.

This one early morning it was a little past sunrise, and it was a really pretty sky of bright blue, a few clouds, and this beautiful sunbeam. It was very large, coming down from the sky all the way to the ground. It seemed very close to where we were. The girls were all exclaiming over it, and so we decided to go see if we could actually see where it came down to earth.

I drove down the roads, as close to the direction of the sunbeam as I could, driving farther and farther away from town … and school. The sunbeam never moved, but the more we drove toward it, it seemed the same distance from us. We must have driven for an hour or more, and never got any closer.

Finally we had to give up, as the school day was about to start, and we still had to drive all the way back to town.

This episode is a fun memory to remember. I don’t know what would have happened if we had found the end of the sunbeam. Could be like finding the end of a rainbow finding a  pot of gold?


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