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Just a Dab


Just a Dab

Quadrille #119 – Dabbling in Poetry


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Just a dab of lotion

On my cracked chapped hands

It’s winter time here

In these cold bitter lands

I would rather it be spring time

When it’s warm with blowing sands

Or maybe summer would be best

As we crank up the fans


For dVerse Poetry – Quadrille 44 words – Dab

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Today’s prompt word for SOCS is … Finger

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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 6/16



It feels like I’m late in writing something for today’s prompt, which is the word Finger. Yeah, what about a finger? Lots of things can be said, I know, but mostly all I can think of lately is how chapped my hands and fingers are.

This winter weather always makes my hands so chapped. They are raw, red, itchy, and scaly. And they hurt. I put so much lotion and creams on them, but it does no good. It’s probably because I have my hands in water so many times during the day. Always washing my hands, or washing dishes, or something. So, it just washes off the lotions.

It’s funny though. I have just as many wet hand days in the summer, but they don’t get chapped at all. It’s weird like that. Maybe because the heater is on in the house, making it dry in here, and then the cold air and temperature outside, that is the difference.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of about fingers/hands right now. Except for typing. My fingers do a lot of typing. I like typing! 🙂


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