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Color Your World – Brick Red


Color Your World – Brick Red

Color your World: Brick Red



Thanks, Jennifer, for bringing back Color Your World!

To join in, just click the above link for details!


The photos show:

  • Brick Red Crayola Crayon
  • Brick Red color sample
  • Brick Red Info – Hue Family is Red, Introduced in 1949
  • Giant Brick Red & white Herford cow in front of restaurant
  • My drawing of the words Brick Red – colored in letters in a square
  • Advertising Logo on side of building – Brick red words say ‘Ring Tail Records’ – seen in Alpine Texas (a lemer’s face in a round record)
  • Brick Red wall & side of business here in town
  • Brick Red colored fabric chair


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Wisdom from a Chair?




Me: pacing the floor.

Chair: There she goes, again.

Me: looking out the back door, watching rain come down in torrents.

Chair: She thinks pacing and looking out the door will help.

Me: looking out the front door, watching rain come down, flooding the yard and street.

Chair: Hey, stop with the pacing, already!

Me: stops in front of the TV to check weather radar

Chair: Yeah, it’s raining out there, settle down!

Me: looking in junk drawer for flashlight, checking for batteries, not finding any.

Chair: (sigh) Would you just come sit down? I’m nice and comfortable.

Me: looking around the room. “Did someone say something?”

Chair: Oops…

Me: speaking to room, “Okay, you ghosts, I know you’re there.”

Chair: Sheesh, she blames everything on the house ghosts.

Me: jumping at the sound of crashing thunder. “That was close. Come on, Cricket, let’s go hide.”

Chair: I give up.


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