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Here we go with another fun Share Your World, question and answer post, brought to you by Cee! Always fun to do these. 🙂 Find more challenges and posts here


Q1 – Tell how you are feeling today in the form of a weather report (for example, partly cloudy, sunny with a chance for showers, etc.)

The doldrums have set in, being a period of listlessness and inactivity. As a result of the blizzard we’ve had, we have been confined to the house since Saturday evening. We are not used to this, so pretty much the whole city has been shut down.

Q2 – What is most memorable about your high school years?

I had good high school days, with the usual studies, friends, and activities. One thing that seems a bit out dated now, was that girls were not allowed to wear any type of jeans, pants, slacks, etc. Dresses or skirts only were allowed, and the hemline had to be to the middle of our knees. This rule was changed to allow pants, the year After I graduated. 😦

I went one year to one high school, the remaining 2 years were at a newly built school. Those of us attending the first year of the new school were able to vote on everything, such as sports teams names, colors associated with the school, emblems, class ring designs, and lots of other things. That was pretty cool (we chose blue and silver for the colors)

The first high school I went to was the oldest one in the city, and it was/is haunted. That’s the best part I remember about it!

Q3 – Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

I love all kinds of stones, gems, rocks, and crystals. I tend to collect them everywhere I go, and even friends bring us some, such as river rocks, petrified wood, pretty ones, odd ones, big and little ones. I love studying about the meanings of them, and what properties they have. I’ve also painted on rocks from time to time which is fun to do.

Q4 – Complete this sentence … I like watching…

I like watching lots of things. The ever changing sky, the sunrises and sunsets, the stars, moon, planets, are favorites to watch, either with or without my telescope. I love watching my cats, and the birds at the feeder. I like watching people everywhere I go, and make up stories about them in my thoughts. Best of all I love watching my grand-kids grow and learn. They are amazing! 🙂

Q5 – What are you grateful for in the past week, and what are you looking forward to coming up?

I’m happy we got to go visit my daughter and family for Christmas. We had a wonderful time. I’m grateful we made it back home safely, because the weather was so horrible…we went through torrential rains, tornado warnings, sleet, and snow. I’m looking forward to the snow melting, so we can get out of the house and do things around town again.


Thank you, Cee, for all your hard work hosting these challenges every week! 🙂


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