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Dreamscape Stories # 3 – Mice


Dreamscape Stories # 3 – Mice



There were tons of mice in the front yard – this was over at Daddy’s house. I guess we all lived there.

Anyway, at night with the porch light on we could see the mice in the grass. The neighborhood cats would chase and catch them every night. We decided to let our cats (and dogs) out to have fun, too. We let them all out, but it was mostly Gretchen (the tortoise shell) and Paolo (the Russian Blue) who we watched.

They were really funny, and the mice were so easy to catch. For some reason Gretchen had real long fur, like a Persian – pretty. Then we were going to get them to come in, but weren’t sure how, as they were hard to catch.

But we figured we’d shake the dry cat food sack and they’d come for their crunchies. So we did, and they pretty much all came … except Gretchen, who we thought would be first in – wasn’t.

We looked and she was climbing the chain link fence to the west, trying to go over to next door. We tried to get her down, but she went farther up, and then over the fence, still clinging to the fence.

She actually looked worried, because she didn’t know how to get back over the fence and over here. So we coaxed her back over finally, and grabbed her and took her in the house.

They had lots of fun.


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