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Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge – Blurry Birds


Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge – Blurry Birds




While scrolling through my photos, I noticed I have a lot of blurry birds.

I like watching the birds that come to our feeders, but if I go out in the back yard, they fly away before I can take a picture. Most all the time I’m looking out the back glass storm door, so the photos don’t turn out all that good, but for some reason I kind of like them anyway.

The red cardinal was pretty neat. We hardly ever see one around here, so I had to be quick getting his picture.

Red cardinal & a little grayish bird sitting on honeysuckle vine ( not many green leaves)

A flurry of blue and white blurry birds, flapping their wings above the bird bath (feeder) I don’t know why they look blue (they are just regular doves)

I think this is a cardinal, but it is winter time, and the photo is very shadowy. He’s sitting in the bird bath feeder.

A dove and a sparrow by the feeder in the snow.

A gray dove and a reddish colored finch sitting on the long tube hanging feeder.


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