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Halloween Countdown # 18 – Desserts


Halloween Countdown # 18 – Desserts



My painted rocks to look like candy corn! They all have smiling faces! 🙂


These chocolate candy skulls are really good!


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Countdown to Halloween – Day 6


Countdown to Halloween – Day 6




Poem # 6



Halloween comes but once a year

It is my favorite day.

Instead of being melancholy,

Let’s chase the clouds away.

I’ll drizzle caramel on crisp, red apples,

And add rainbow sprinkles, too.

I’ll make enough for all of us,

And certainly for you.

We’ll decorate with orange and black,

And, if it rains, who cares?

We’ll grab our sack,

And not look back,

As we go on down the stairs.

You’ll paint your face,

Wear satin and lace…

A pretty princess you will be.

And I will be a cute, funny bunny…

Hopping around for all to see.

Then when we get home,

And the night is ’bout gone,

We’ll relive all the fun we had.

We’ll eat lots of candy,

And feel real dandy…

That we didn’t have time to be sad.


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