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Fibbing Friday – Bogus


Fibbing Friday – Bogus

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

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1. What are florins, tanners and bobs?  … These are the different parts of a flower.

2. What is Dead Man’s Fingers? … They are a nickname for bare tree branches.

3. What killed the Triffids? … Space Invaders killed the Triffids

My package of Triffids seeds we got when we saw the movie, “Day of the Triffids”


4. What’s the difference between a buck and a quid? … Buck is what a horse does to remove a rider, and quid is a baby squid sea creature.

5. How much is an old crown worth?   … If a crown is gold then it’s worth a lot, and if not then diddly squat.

6. What can be known as a ‘Little Gem’? … A car that is reliable. It’s called a Lemon if it breaks down a lot.

7. What is pearl barley? … This is a term used in knitting.

8. Finish the sentence: ‘I came, I saw, I………………..’ … I came, I saw, I took a picture with my phone.

9. Who said ‘Smile, it enhances your face value’? … The orphans in the movie, “Annie” – You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile


10. Where on the human body is the zygomatic bone found?  … In the ear.


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