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Hi, again…Today’s Daily Post for Blogging U, and Writing 201: Poetry

Suggestions for us to try include…an Acrostic form of poem, an internal rhyme, and the word prompt was Trust…


INTUITION (Instincts)

Insecurity leads to indecision

Need to trust your intuition

Settle down, no need to frown

Try not to let it get you down

Inside whisper, becoming crisper

Never ignore your super transistor

Confidence will grow, just go with the flow

Trust your instincts, and soon you will know

Supernatural is not a superstition…if you trust your intuition


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Today’s assignment from the Daily Post, and Blogging U, for Writing 201: Poetry …

The form was the limerick, using alliteration, and the prompt was Journey …

~ a nod to the beginning of Mardi Gras today ~


I managed to make it to Mardi Gras

I’ll mention what I saw

Magical masks

Many people with flasks

And even my paw and maw



Little Larry Lunatic,

Licked his lollipop to the stick.

He biked to the store,

To buy some more…

But, before he got there, he got sick.


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Hello! I’ll be taking part in a poetry writing course, given by the Daily Post, and Blogging U. It is called Writing 201: Poetry. Every day, for the next two weeks, we’ll be given a prompt, and a poetry form to try out, if we want to use them. Hopefully, this will help me learn more, and expand my writing into new areas. Hope you enjoy the ones I come up with, but if poetry is not your favorite thing to read, that’s fine. They will be under the Poetry category in the sidebar menu, and if you’d rather read something else, feel free to browse around. Comments are always welcome, and I do thank you for visiting! 🙂


This first form of poetry that was suggested was Haiku, and the form to try was a simile. The prompt word was Water.


Haiku refreshment

Like a cool splash of water

Among passion poems


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