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Bird of the Day – Exotic Chickens


Bird of the Day – Exotic Chickens

BOTD July 18, 2019


My cousin Mike raises exotic chickens. He has all kinds, and they all look so interesting. He basically treats them as pets, and gives them all names. Sometimes the names are part of the name of the kind of chicken it is, sometimes just cute names. He collects the eggs of them all.

These photos are some he posted recently. He gave me permission to post them here, too.

The first photo shows a large black & white chicken with an elaborate all black feathery head-dress. He calls this one Silver. I think it is a Polish Silver breed of chicken.

The next photo is Mike holding Silver.

The next photo is another kind of chicken he is holding. He calls this one Houdie. Could be because it is a breed of chicken called Houdan.  It is a large black and white chicken, with it’s head-dress of feathers of black & white.

Very cool chickens! 🙂




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