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Invasion # 2 – Jiminy Crickets!


Invasion # 2 – Jiminy Crickets!


I think it was about 1985 when we moved down south to Beeville, Tx. Not long after, the city and surrounding area was invaded by crickets. I’ve since read that this happens quite often in the early fall days. It was a first for me, though.

There were millions of those crickets, it seemed. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them. There were live ones flying and crawling around, and lots of dead ones, too. I don’t know how long they live, but the dead ones would pile up in drifts in the corners of buildings. Shop owners would sweep them into heaps on the sidewalks, and put signs up saying sorry for the crickets. Inside the stores all over town there were these live ones getting onto everything. It was impossible to keep them out. They’d be on the grocery shelves, on the clothes in department and thrift stores alike.

I don’t really mind a few crickets, and I like to hear them chirping. I’ve heard you can predict the weather by how close together the chirps are. I’ve heard also, that they are good luck, so I don’t smash any of them. If possible, I’ll scoop it up to be put outside again.

This invasion lasted awhile, maybe a week or more, and then it was all over. No more crickets…until the next year’s invasion.


Here’s a cricket that was in our house recently. Just the one, thank goodness. 🙂

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