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Recycled Book Reading Challenge!


The recycled book reading challenge is where we post a review of a book we’ve read the past month. Ultimately, it should be a used book, found at library sales, yard sales, thrift stores, etc. We know we have lots of books stacked up, ready to be read. Now is the time to pick one up and actually read it!

Find out more about this challenge by clicking the link above. It’s fun! 🙂


My recycled book this time came from the book store, in their used section. I’ve had it quite a while, and I’m glad I finally got to read it. It is called “Bar Flower”, and is a memoir written by Lea Jacobson. Here’s a photo of the cover.


Ms Jacobson writes of her experiences in Japan. She studied the Japanese language in college, and was fluent in speaking it. So, she decided to go live in Japan to pursue teaching. She did find a job, and enjoyed it, but ran into trouble with the organization she was obligated to, and their rules.

Still needing a job, she investigated the businesses of the night…the nightclub/bar scene, which is a major, complicated industry there. She did secure a job in one of the nightclubs, as a hostess. These jobs were classified as being in the sex industry, yet the jobs of being a hostess, was not at all selling sex. The girls were only required to sit at a table in the bar, and visit with the male patrons who came in. They were to provide drinks (at the customer’s expense), and be pleasant to talk with. That was all, and it was strictly enforced by the bar’s ‘mama’ proprietress.

Lea made friends with some of the other girls who worked there, had fun dressing up, and of course drinking. She had one job at a certain bar for a long time, then one at another place. She would go back home to the U. S. from time to time, to continue her studies, but always came back to hostessing in Japan. She still had dreams of teaching, though.

It was a very interesting book, that gives a glimpse of what the nightlife is like in some areas of the Ginza in Japan. It also goes into her struggles with alcoholism.

If you enjoy memoirs that are a bit different, you would like to read this one.

I noticed it is available on Amazon for only one penny!


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