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For Day # 19 of NaBloPoMo I’ve combined it with today’s “dVerse” poetry prompt We were urged to write a poem using the Florette style. There are several syllable counts for each line, and a rhyming scheme, also. You can find out more about the dVerse Poets here

Today, I was listening to the radio…my favorite rock station, and I thought I’d write something including mentions of the songs and bands that were played in the short amount of time I was driving somewhere. This is what I came up with. For fun, see if you can pick out the ones I used 🙂



A slice of moon…pie in the sky

Dark, sweet, and bright – a lovely lie

Crystalline stars…fire in the night

Shooting meteor streaks of light…I want to fly…

An Ozzy land of crazy trains,

How wild it is feeling no pains…

We’ll escape our own Earthly jail.

Let us blaze an amazing trail, without jet planes…

Shimmer and glimmer, steps of stairs

Shh…the klaxon now loudly blares

Board the Zeppelin…off we go

Through the milky way – we will blow fireworks and flares…

Must not put off our day of play

Across the Universe today

We’ll sail into the purple smoke…

Deep water on the hookah’s toke…let’s not delay…

Give a smooch of venomous bliss;

Alice warns of poisonous kiss…

Watch out for thorns on every rose,

Keep eyes open, please, do not doze or you will miss…

There may be Hale within the storm,

But to ride this life, we are born.

Yes, we’ll weather it without cease.

Sing songs of love – spread joy…with peace, we will adorn…

So, if you are a Freak like me,

Wave your flag in the air to see…

Forget the rain, enjoy the trip

We’ll be far outta sight, and Hip…our Souls are Free…


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 BS