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Today’s poem assignment from Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, we were given these elements to use…A Ballad, a hero/heroine, and using anaphora or epistrophe (the repetition of words at the beginning or ending of the poem, on more than one line)…

To me, this was a bit difficult at first, trying to merge all  three into one poem. After researching how to do a ballad, I found they usually have a certain sound to them, as in a beat you stress a word on, and a way to do the rhyme scheme, also.

It got a bit easier, after doing some rearranging of the lines, and a lot of counting and stressing words out loud. It seemed like a math problem at first, and I am not good at numbers, at all.

Then there was the part of hero/heroine…I don’t really know of any, so mine is just a general fits all type. In the end it tends to sound like a mushy greeting card sentiment! Maybe that is what a ballad is, like in musical power ballads…a mushy love song? I don’t know, but here is what I came up with…Enjoy!



A friend of mine, you’ve been to me…

Let me say you are so bright.

A friend of mine, so fun and free,

Let me laugh in sheer delight.

You give me candy kisses, and

A giant pink balloon…

You give me a helping hand, and then

A flower so sweet I swoon.

For dinner, lunch, or picnic brunch,

You give me music and tea…

For all I need, I have a hunch,

You will always be there for me

And so you know just how I feel,

I write this poem for you…

And so you know my love is real,

I write in ink true blue.


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