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Back Where I Come From – Day 26


Back Where I Come From – Day 26



Thank you, Suzanne, for hosting this wonderful challenge! It’s been fun to answer the questions. 🙂


Question # 26

26. Does your hometown experience all four seasons? If not, which ones does it skip over?

My Answer:

We have all 4 seasons here.

Summer time feels like the longest one, as it is very hot.

Winter time gets cold, and we get snow, but it doesn’t last very long.

Spring time seems short, as we have a few nice days, then we are hot again. Early spring we usually have sand storms.

Fall days are great, but again, they don’t last long. We go from a few wonderful days, then it gets too cold.

To explain about the winter days here, some may think it’s strange. We have some below freezing days, but then the next day will be nice and warm. It’s like a roller coaster around here during the winter. It can snow one day, then the next will be bar-be-que outdoors weather.

The spring is the same kind of strange. We’ll have just right temperatures, then it will turn freezing again, sometimes in the same day. This will happen with the sand storms, too. One will blow through, then be nice again, withing a few hours.

Awhile back, our weather people announced we had won some kind of award for the hardest weather of anywhere to forecast.

Needless to say, the weather is a main topic of conversation people talk about everywhere here. 🙂


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