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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Mar. 25/17


Ok, or is it okay? I like ok better. Anyway, we marched into the AT&T store yesterday. Actually we walked. No, really we were blown in by the wind. That’s with a bunch of dirt and leaves, and my hair all wild and crazy like. That’s what I told the woman who greeted us, when she asked what brought us in to the store today (yesterday) … I said, “The wind blew us in here.” haha! Yeah, the wind was really blowing out there, the sky was brown with dirt, and dry leaves were swirling everywhere.

Where was I? Oh, after we marched into the store and got settled at a table, we told the lady what we were having problems with, with my iphone, and also we were asking about our TV stuff. Well, we’d already cancelled our TV, internet, home phone, but still we had questions. So she started explaining and looking up our account, and telling us stuff. Somehow we got onto how much or little I do use my phone. I said I take lots of photos to put on my blog. She was interested in hearing about that, and wanted to know what I put on my blog, so I told her. At first I was like…uh…I write fan-fiction…and uh…I do challenges, so I need lots of photos (why I need lots of space on the phone), and…uh…I write poetry, and….

That’s when she said, “Oh, you’re a writer and a poet! What books have you written?”

To say I was flustered about the whole explaining thing, well, I sure was. I mean no one has ever asked me about any of this before. I said I didn’t have any books, but I’ve had poems published in poetry magazines. Then she asked some more about it, and I mentioned I wrote about true ghost stories. Well, she was really interested in that, and even told me a true ghost story of her own!

I gave her my blog address, so she could stop by if she wanted to, and we finished our business with the phone/tv questions, which she was very helpful in straightening out for us.

So, I want to thank her for all she did.

Thank you Lisa, from AT&T…you made my day by recognizing and calling me a writer!

We then marched/walked out of the store, back into the howling wind with a smile. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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