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Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge


Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge



We have a new host for the Odd-Ball Photo Challenge! Welcome to Kammie! She can be found blogging at the above link, and if you’d like to join in the challenge, just see her for details.

Many thanks to Cee, who originated the challenge. I’ve had lots of fun participating. ❤


We were inside a restaurant yesterday, and this work truck was parked in the take-out lane by the windows. There was a Spiderman figure standing on the back of the truck. It must have been glued on, because it didn’t fall off when the truck left.

Next is a couple of chairs in an arcade (for the game Space Invaders). They look like faces!

Last, inside another restaurant, there was a large art display of sand, cactus, and an armadillo made of metal.


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