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COLOR YOUR WORLD # 3 – “APRICOT”apricot-tree-1423855161vhN

Day 3 of the Color Your World Challenge is for the color Apricot.

Find out more about this challenge here … Thanks Jennifer for hosting this fun challenge! 🙂


At first all I could think of about the color apricot, was the fruit. I do like eating them, but what more can you say? They are little, soft, round, a bit fuzzy, and full of fiber and sweetness. We used to have an apricot tree in the back yard of a house we rented. It produced tons of the fruit, but I don’t remember eating even one…I don’t know why. We had some sort of an apple tree too, which we didn’t eat any fruit from, but the dogs sure did. They’d wait for those apples to fall to the ground, and fight over who got to it first! 🙂

Anyway, I finally looked through my pictures, to see what was apricot colored, or close enough. Here’s a couple I found. The flowers were in my aquarium. I don’t have fish (I’m scared of them), so I use it for other things, like plants. I was given this beautiful flowering plant for some occasion. I always take a picture of any flowers I receive, because they don’t last long, and a picture reminds me of the day. The other picture is of the sky…well, of course it is. I take lots of sky and cloud pictures, and this one looked apricot colored to me. DSC00317


Maybe I’ll pay more attention to things colored apricot, from now own! Will you?


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