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Recycled Book Reading Challenge!


It’s time for the monthly Recycled Book Reading Challenge.

This is where we take a book we’ve been meaning to read, that has been stacked up in our ‘to be read’ pile for awhile, and actually read it. I know I have a lot like that. We are to give a review of the book, one that has been bought at a discount, at a yard sale or thrift store, or any used book store. There’s where the ‘recycled’ part comes in. Giving these used books a chance can lead to some great reading. 🙂

This past month I read this one.


“Peking to Paris”, by Dina Bennett, was the book I read this past month. I can’t remember where I got it, probably at a library book sale, but it’s been in my to be read pile for quite awhile. I liked this book a lot. There are even photos!

The main subject here is about a husband and wife who take on the challenge of a long road rally. It was for people that own antique cars. Some of these cars were beautiful examples of the era that they were built. The challenge was to drive from Peking, China, to Paris, France, to actually complete the challenge in 35 days, and of course to win the prize at the end.

Dina knew nothing about cars, races, or rallies. Her husband was all into it, though. He would do the driving, and she would be the navigator. She had a lot to learn. Their car, a 1940 LaSalle, was finally ready to go, and so were they. Naming the car,  Roxanne, they began their adventure.

Through all kinds of weather, car break-downs, arguments, hostels, and fabulous hotels, they endured. They made some friends along the way, and saw some amazing sights in the countries they passed through.

Dina writes this memoir from her point of view, which includes lots of humor at the predicaments she finds herself in. The rally took place in 2007, and the book was printed in 2013. I think you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.


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