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In Other Words -Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS


In Other Words – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS 

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 3/18


This is where we write whatever we think, as it comes to mind, with no editing, except for spelling (maybe). Sometimes I follow the rules, and then sometimes I just have to look something up. I don’t think Linda minds. She’s nice like that, and even gives a prompt word to get us started. 🙂

It’s fun, so why not join in? See above link for details. Thanks, Linda!


So, every time I tried typing ‘words’ it came out as ‘worlds’. Is that a sign that I should write something about the world, or other worlds? Maybe it’s just I can’t type right. I do seem to transpose letters all the time, whether typing the words, or reading them. Then I have to go back to do/read it right. I’m even worse with numbers. I don’t really understand much math, and whenever I look at numbers, both my mind freezes up, or the numbers jump around, so I can barely tell what they are. I mess up the check book a lot.

Well, enough about that. In other words, I’ve said all I want to about my discalculia (math blindness, I think it is).

Moving on. In other words, writing about the typing of world instead of words, got me thinking about one of my favorite soap operas, “Another World”. It’s been cancelled now for quite a few years, but I watched that one from the first airing, to the end. I was so upset when it went off the air. Here’s the intro song for the show.

“Another World”, by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris, was chosen as the theme song for the soap opera, “Another World”. It was released in 1987, and ran through 1996. It was written by John Lefler and Ralph Schucket, and was on the Warner Bros. label.


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