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Fibbing Friday


Fibbing Friday

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

To join in this weekly challenge, and see other entries, just click the link below:



Can you ‘invent’ what creature or something else would apply in the following…

1. A walk of ………… Shame

2. A bed of …………. Fire Ants

3. A horde of …………. Honey Bees

4. A bike of …………..  Riding Rats

5. A rhumba of ……….. Fairies

6. A shrewdness of …………. Prairie Dogs

7. A raft of …………….. Readers

8. A mess of ……………. Garbage

9. A huddle of …………… Kittens

10. A family of………………. Circus Performers


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Escapist Coloring Club – May 2020


Escapist Coloring Club – May 2020


The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – May 1, 2020


I missed the March and April posts for the Escapist Coloring Club, so sort of making up for it now.

I colored a lot of pages though, because that was part of my theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge. I posted coloring pages of animals, and quotes that started with the letter of the day, too.

Even though that challenge is over for this year, I’m still doing a lot of coloring. All these I’ve done since then. They are:

  • Pink & gray designs with flowers and rabbits
  • Pink, gray and aqua mice, with orange, brown, & aqua designs
  • Parrot mama & baby in blues, yellow, and orange, with leaves
  • Two turtles stacked on top of each other, greens & browns
  • Baby leopard with orange & brown spots on background fur of light brown and a few green leaves



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Zoo – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter Z


Zoo – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter Z #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter Z



Today is the last day of the A to Z Blog Challenge. It’s been a long month of letters and posts, but I’ve enjoyed it all.

Thank you all who’ve stopped by for a visit, your comments, and likes. I appreciate it very much. Hope you found some entertainment from my posts this year. 🙂


Mystery Box Chickens say, “We wish you a happy spring!”


We don’t have a zoo here in our town, but I’ve been to several over the years in other places. The first one I remember going to was when I was a kid. We visited my relatives in Enid, Oklahoma, and made a short day trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. That was fun. We have old home movie film of that trip to the zoo.

Next one I remember was the San Antonio Texas zoo, back in the 60s. It was included in our vacation to the Hemisfair that year. We also traveled to Austin on that trip.

Then, I’ve been to a zoo in Japan, and in Germany. Don’t remember much about these, and can’t find any photos we took at the time.

I’ve also been to a wildlife park in central Texas, called Topsy Ranch. We drove through the area, and the animals would come up to the car.

A few years ago we went to the zoo in St. Louis Missouri. That one was really nice, with lots of landscaping, and things to look at.

Last year in May, we visited my daughter and her family in Kansas City Missouri. While there we went to the zoo, which is just down the street from where they live. It is a beautifully landscaped zoo, with lots to see and do there. We did see lots of animals, and most were in their area recreated to be their natural habitat.

We took a boat ride through the zoo, and also a cable car/seat ride over the area, too. Below are some photos I took.


The photos are:

  • Green & white sign – Kansas City Zoo
  • Sign arched over entrance to zoo with the name & a lioness on it
  • The boat we took a tour on a river through the zoo (white with a tan roof)
  • A penguin standing on ice/snow
  • Two elephants with jungle type greenery background
  • A white stork & baby standing on a log
  • A large green, red & blue parakeet/lorikeet
  • Two giraffes by a tree
  • A gray stingray in a pool (we could pet them)



Mystery Box Chickens say, “Peace, love & Zee End”


Tie dyed paper background of pink, green, blue, yellow…Peace Love in colorful foam letters …fuzzy toy chickens & a toy giraffe with the mystery box

 “See ya next April”. ❤


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The Case – Fiction Photo Prompt for February


The Case – Fiction Photo Prompt for February


February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt


Here we are again, with a new photo to write something about. Diana, at Myths of the Mirror is our host for this fun writing challenge. Click the link above to join in and see other entries. It’s fun! Thanks, Diana!

Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala


The Case

Early this morning, while fetching my morning newspaper by my front door, I noticed a slip of paper there on my porch step.

The images glued onto a piece of copy machine paper was amature at best. Random bits and pieces cut from a magazine, showing a gigantic elephant, almost as tall as a tree, and a tiny little house was stuck in the branches.

And what was this white stuff spattered all over the page…globs of paint with cotton fluff? Was that supposed to be snow? I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

I never expected to get my next assignment in this fashion. As chief code interpreter for the FBI, I was used to solving all kinds of strange missives, but this…this just took the cake. What was I to do with it?

I notified my superiors in the agency, of course. They had no explanation, so I was on my own with this one.

There were no words or letters on the thing, so I tried dusting for fingerprints, even running it through a special computer app, to no avail. Was this a serious warning of some dire future event, or a hoax?

Taking a break to think, I sipped my hot coffee. Think…think…what else was in the picture? Mice? Was that what they were up in the little house? I got my magnifying glass to have a closer look. Hmmm…kind of looked like mice, but still not clear. They looked more like Siamese cats, to me. Okay, here’s what we have…elephant, tree, tiny house, mice/cats, snow?

The first letters of each were E T T H M C S. Was it an anagram? METH, SETS, CHET, THEM, SETH? I sighed…no clue. I really needed to get to work, go into the downtown office, and get my mind on other cases for awhile. So, I ate breakfast, showered, and left my house for the day.


Returning home, later that afternoon, I greeted my little neighbor, Lucy, sitting on my porch.

“Hi, Lucy, how are you doing?” I asked the little six year old.

“Hi, Ms S,” she said and smiled, looking up at me. “Did you get the picture I made for you? I left it right here this morning. I know you like animals, and we went to the zoo and saw an elephant, and he was real big, and it’s gonna be winter soon, so I made some snow, and there’s cats and mice, and a little house for them all to live in when it’s cold, and…”

Lucy went on explaining all the things in the picture, the way all six year old kids do, going on and on.

I smiled and nodded.

Case solved.


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For Nano Poblano and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)


img_4484 img_4486

“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hello from the menagerie! That’s what the nice lady calls our motley crew.

We are the nice lady’s rings, and we represent the animal kingdom here. She loves all kinds of rings, but I think we are her favorites. We’re cool like that. Sometimes we get to go places with her. She might take two or three of us on an outing to the grocery store, or somewhere. We don’t know how she chooses which one of us to bring along…maybe a rotation schedule, or maybe with what she is wearing that day. Oh, well… we’re just happy to live here in the nice lady’s jewelry box.

We get along just fine. Hardly any squabbles amongst us. We are 2 elephants, 2 bats, 3 cheetahs, a butterfly, another flying bug, a snail, a turtle, a reindeer (who can change colors!), an owl, and a snake. It was funny that one time the nice lady wore snake ring to a demonstration about snakes, and she petted an actual, live snake with the hand that snake ring was on! Cool, huh? 🙂


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