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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – # 12 – AWAITING ZENIMG_20150928_151453

123 – ABC … For today’s poem we were to write using the letters of the alphabet, in order. It’s called an Abecedarian poem.



Aurora, Aurora up in the sky

Borealis beautiful to my eye

Captivating creation up above

Desires, dreams, and dance of love

Electrically energizing every soul

Frantically flaunting, your colors roll

Glorious gift from up on high

Heavenly hues, so brilliant I cry

Into iridescent flames of joy

Jubilant jewels, atmospheric toy

Kaleidoscope karma twirls around

Luminosity lingers, but there is no sound

Making music for angels to hear

No, nothing else could be so dear

Of offerings here, never the same

Possibilities parade into my brain

Quiet and quick, you can look – not touch

Respect and rewards, it gives me much

Soothsayers say it’s a sign of the time

They tell of omens, and ties that bind

Utopian uprisings will come with inflictions

Various visionaries preach dire predictions

Weaving warnings unto minds imbue

Xenophobes search for Xanadu, it’s true

Young ones yearn for meaning of men

Zenith achieved…awaiting Zen

Aurora, aurora burning bright

Shine down upon us all tonight


Beautiful sun halo

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© 2015 BS



OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 28



Amazing and artful

Bewitched and beautiful

Come the creatures

Daring to dance

Enchanted and ethereal

Fantastic and frightening

Ghosts and goblins

Haunting your Halloween


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