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Nonsensical – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ic/ical


Nonsensical – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – ic/ical

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 18/18


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-ic or -ical.” Find a word that uses the suffix “-ic” or “-ical.” Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!


Our blog challenge hostess, Linda G. Hill, has given us the letters ‘ic and ical’ as our starting point today, for SOCS. Thanks, Linda!


Well, let’s see… I looked up some words that ended with these *ic and ical*. I just don’t know how to put them together to make a post that makes sense, so I guess this will be nonsensical.

I participate in the Song Lyric Sunday musical challenge every week, hosted by Helen . We post a song about whatever prompt word she chooses, and find the lyrics to share, too. I never paid a lot of attention to a song’s lyrics until now, just enjoying the music. But, there are some really good song lyrics in the songs.

Another word was ‘relic’. I like antiques and relics from the past. I used to enter some in the local fair, and have won a few ribbons.

Alphabetical is another one I’ve been thinking about for awhile. That’s because the A to Z Blog Challenge will be coming up again in April. I would like to get a head start on that (I never have before, always running late). So, I’ve been trying to to think of a theme, but haven’t come up with anything interesting, yet.

Oh, bionic! I remember that TV show, “The Bionic Woman”, which was airing back in 1976. It starred Lindsay Wagner, and her character’s name was Jaime. Why I remember this show, besides the fact that I liked it, was that I went into labor with my first baby girl, while watching this show. I could have gotten clever and named her Lindsay or Jaime, but I didn’t. haha!

And, the last word I thought of is ‘acrylic’. I need to get out my acrylic paints again, because it’s been awhile since I painted anything.

Hope your Saturday is going great! (we had rain this morning – woo hoo! so nice)


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So Far – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS


So Far – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 10/18


This week for SOCS, Linda has given us the two words of ‘so far’ to work with. To join in this weekly challenge, just click the above link to find out the details. It’s fun!


So far, I’m ahead of the game.

What game, you ask?

The A to Z Blog Challenge!

Usually, I’m waiting until almost the last day before to start even thinking about it. By now, since this will be the 5th time I’ve participated, I should know better. It’s a lot of fun, and also a lot of work to get it all together. At least it is for me.

Now, I’m used to posting every day, even more than once a day, so that part is easy. For the A/Z though, we want to do something extra special. There are themes to settle on, information to look up, photos to take, and remember which letter of the day you’re working on.

Anyway, I’m ahead, so far. I’ve got my theme picked out, looked up some information, gathered my things for photos, and have a general idea of what it will look like. There are still some bits and pieces left to do, but I’m feeling good about it all, so far.

The A/Z starts on April 1st…are you ready?


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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I’ve been doing some planning and practicing, lately.

The A to Z Blog Challenge begins on April 1st. This is a month long writing challenge. Every day, except Sunday, the participants will blog something that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. The choice of subject is as varied as there are bloggers. Some write randomly, and some pick a certain theme to follow during the month.

I did this on both my blogs last year; all were random posts. This year I do have a theme, and will be only on this one blog.

The theme, or subject I’ll be writing about, is word definitions. I’m calling it ‘Daffy Definitions’. I found words in the dictionary that I didn’t know the meaning of, then made up a definition for it, before looking at the true one.

Some of these turned out to be pretty silly. Then, I wrote a sentence, using the word.

At the end, I did write down the actual, true meaning/definition of the chosen word.

So, with a bit of humor included, I hope you’ll enjoy my Daffy Definitions, and even a new word you may not have known about, like I did.

That’s what I’ve been planning to do, and getting it all in order for the first day of the challenge.

As for the practicing…I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and so far it’s fun, but harder than it looks. I’ve practiced a lot, and now have my fingers getting used to pressing the strings, so it doesn’t hurt as much. Yay! Someday I hope to actually play a song.


Thank you for visiting! Peace 🙂504




So, here we are in the month of March. Everyone is having crazy weather, but spring is coming soon. Yay! Quite a few things happen in this month, including the Spring Equinox, which is on the 20th. That same day there will be a total eclipse of the sun, (hope to be able to see it where I am), and it will be a full Super Moon. So many celestial happenings. I’ll be putting out my stones, and water to be energized anew. Also, we will have Daylight Savings time starting up again. I’m glad for that, too. Next would be St. Patrick’s day…always a bit of fun to be had.

My next writing challenge will be next month…the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. It runs for the entire month, using each letter of the alphabet to write a blog post about. Looking forward to that.

I still post new blog entries to my fan fiction story “Two Souls: Into the Fire” over on my other blog… http://ghostmmnc.blogspot.com … everyone is welcome to read that, if you want to.

Also, I still do the Twitter #MondayBlogs, and the #FridayPhrases …those are lots of fun.

So, in this manic month of March, in the interlude between the Blogging U, Writing:201 Poetry Challenge and the next one, I will be posting a variety of things on here. I will try to get in some of all of my favorite catagories, as the mood strikes.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update as to what all I’ll be doing. I do appreciate everyone who visits here, and love the comments, likes, and follows! Thank you so much!

Until next time… Peace, Love, & Light 🙂

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Here it is the month of May already. April flew by in a flash, thanks to my participation in the Blog Challenge. I’d just learned of the challenge shortly before it began, so I signed up not one, but two blogs. Yes, I jumped in with both feet blogs…one I’d posted on pretty regular, the other almost brand new. There were a few kinks to work out, and I received excellent set up tips from some very kind bloggers. I’d like to thank the founder of A to Z Blog Challenge, Arlee Bird, for his most encouraging words, and for creating this most amazing challenge. Thanks also, to Sue (suesconsideredtrifles.wordpress.com) for your helpful tips, and continued support, and thanks to anxiousgeek (the anxiousgeek@gmail.com) for stopping by with technical knowledge. I appreciate you all.

The challenge was lots of fun…the writing and posting of a subject for each letter, each day. I didn’t have much trouble thinking of something to write about…in fact, most letters, I had too many ideas. I probably will continue awhile with them, just because I’ve enjoyed it, and since most were taken from some personal experience, it brought back great memories.

Since the challenge ended, I’ve been feeling a bit at loose ends. What do I do now? I really liked the challenging aspect of a deadline. Knowing I had to publish something every single day, was just what I needed. I will certainly be accepting the challenge next year.

The best part, for me, was realizing that people were actually reading my blog! Thank you to all who took the time to visit here, to make comments, to follow, and to say you liked what I have been doing. You all have given me a great boost in confidence! I so appreciate you! I also enjoyed getting to read other bloggers entries, and will try to continue  to visit and comment on yours and others I’ve seen on the list for the challenge.

I’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge this year. Yay for us…we did it!

Thank you so much! Until we meet again in blogland…all my best to you!

Peace, Love, & WritingImage  



I just wanted to take this time to say “Thank You” to everyone who visited here during the A to Z Blog Challenge! To those who were participating, and to those who were not, I appreciate that you were kind enough to stop here for a few minutes, to read and maybe leave a comment. You are all awesome!

I had just started out on this blog when I heard about the challenge. Thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement and provided helpful tips on how to work out some kinks in setting up a few things.

As a result of participating in the challenge, I was fortunate to have met some sweet and talented bloggers. I will look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Best wishes!





Today’s letter is…Z

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Have you heard of Zentangles? It is a very creative form of art that anyone can do. All you need is something to write with and some paper.

Basically, all you do is make designs of any kind. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Your design can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, and it will look great. For some, I think this is a new fad. I’ve just recently heard it had a name. I’ve done them for years, for fun, before there was a name for the drawings. I just figured it was a form of doodling on paper, which is also fun and relaxing.

The name Zentangle is taken from the word Zen…meaning peaceful and relaxing. Tangle would represent the line drawings that weave around the page in repetitive patterns.

There are really no rules to this. However, there are websites that do give step by step instructions, and show lots of patterns you can try to replicate. There are other sites where you can share your creations with others. Some artwork is done in color, but most are done in black and white, with pen or pencil.

For me, I just like to let the pen flow across the paper in whatever shapes come to mind. Thus, the Zen-like quality of the excercise. You are creating a design that is totally unique to you. You will be pleasantly surprised by how cool it looks.

So, grab a piece of paper and your pen/pencil. Try to free your mind of stress, and just let the Zentangles flow across the page.

If you’d like to see more examples, and read about Zentangles, you can find the information here… http://zentangle.com

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to, check out my other blog for the letter Z at… http://ghostmmnc.blogspot.comImage




Today’s letter is…Y

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Do you like going to yard sales? I have so much fun on the weekends doing just that. You can find almost anything at one of these sales. If you are looking for something specific, chances are, someone will have it.  Of course, while you are there, many more items will catch your eye. There is always a surprise waiting to be found.

On just about any Friday and Saturday, there will be ads in the newspapers, on bulletin boards, telephone poles, and Craig’s List.  Get out your pen and paper, because you’ll need to write down the addresses or circle the ad of the ones you want to go to. It’s best to do this early. Try to group locations that are close together, as you write them down. This saves time, as you won’t have to backtrack into neighborhoods.

There is no need to get dressed up for this activity. Wear something comfortable. Bring a snack and something to drink with you, too. Don’t forget to bring cash…small bills and change are best. Now you are ready to go find some treasures.

If you are wanting to host a yard sale yourself, that can be fun, and you can earn some money. It is a lot of work, but worth it at the end of the day. If possible, start gathering up items you want to sell, a few months before the date. This gives you time to spruce up those items that may need washing, check for any problems with electrical appliances, to make sure they work, and to put price tags on things. Honestly, if there is no label stating the price you are asking, you will lose sales. Lots of people won’t bother to ask you, they will just pass it up. That is a sale lost.

Try to group like items together, and please make use of tables for displaying. Have a money box with some cash already inside, for making change. Advertise your sale, and on the day of the sale, put up posters and signs with the address printed large on them, close to your neighborhood. (don’t forget to take them down when the sale is over).

A few tips….please do not advertise that your sale is huge, multi-family, or a block sale, unless it really is. A small table of items and a few clothes hung from a tree, is not huge. People will drive right by this kind of sale. Another tip would be to take things out of boxes. Not everyone wants to dig through them. Also, a table piled high with clothes, is a turn-off. People want to come and go quickly…no one has time to sort through a jumbled up mess.

Try to make your sale look inviting to those who drive by. A few balloons taped to a mailbox, some colorful streamers, music playing, all serve to attract attention to the prospective customer. At the end of the day, you will be tired, but it will have been worth your hard work, when you count all the money you’ve made.

Have fun going to yard sales. The treasures are out there…go find them!

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Today’s letter is…X

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The letter X is such a versatile letter. You see it in all areas of writing. I think it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. If you look in the dictionary, the words listed for the letter x seems to be one of the shortest entries. Most of the words are hard to pronounce, and the meanings are a bit technical. In the real world, using the letter x is very common. It takes the place of putting ‘ex’ in a word. It serves to shorten it, and make it stand out. Some examples in advertising would be…X-treme, X-tra, X-terior, and X-ams. The x is usually a big, capital one, to draw attention.

One of the earliest uses of the letter x, was found in the Middle Ages. People would sign an X for their signature. The X is a form used for the cross, in Christian religion. Sometimes, people would sign a document with the letter X, then kiss it, showing they were sincere, their faith, and honesty.

Some other examples of the use of the letter X, are in games, such as tic-tac-toe, in math, as an unknown number, in treasure maps, as in X marks the spot you can find the prize, and in cartoons, as depicting a dead person.

Xeriscaping, is a word that is used in lawn care. If you xeriscape, you are using drought tolerant plants and grasses in your yard. We have a lot of that here where we live, where we are in a severe drought most of the time.

Xenophobia, is the unreasonable fear of strangers, foreigners, or customs. I wonder if people have that about me, as my name means strange and foreign, from a foreign land! I hope not!

Other times you see the letter x used, is in sizes, such as X, XX, XXX, meaning extra large, 2X, or 3X. Three XXX can also indicate something is poison when it is on a bottle of something. Movies use X-rated, to let people know it includes adult content. Sports such as football use the letter x to map out strategies on the playing field.

As you can see, the letter X is used in many ways. It is not only the scary letter that begins those words in the dictionary. Well, unless you think about how sometimes the letter X at the start of a word is sometimes pronounced like the letter Z! I’m not sure who deciced on that!

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Today’s letter is…W

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The word Ouachita is the French spelling of the Indian word Washita. The Ouachita National Forest was designated as such, in 1926. It is the oldest National Forest in the southern United States. It encompasses thirteen counties in western central Arkansas, and two counties in southeastern Oklahoma.

The Talimena Scenic Byway was officially named in 2005, It runs through the Ouachita National Forest, leading to the Winding Stair Mountains. The road has no shoulders, and is very curvy and twisty, some even 180 degrees, hairpin turns.

Those are the facts. That is no comparison to actually driving down that road, in person. It is hard to find enough adjectives to describe the things your eyes feast upon. Majestic, awesome, beautiful, and exciting, are some words you will think of. You catch your breath on the steep grades, and those twisting roads…and there are miles of them.

You are surrounded by the tall trees…just you and the beauty of nature, brings about a hushed feeling, as you take in all the wonders the forest shows you. If you are adventurous, there are hiking trails, mountain biking trails, fishing, camping, and canoeing.

Established in 1978, the Upper Ouachita Wildlife Refuge, is home to many kinds of wildlife. There are black bears, aligators, deer, and many species of birds. The endangered red-cockaded woodpecker is one resident, along with the bald eagle, and many other birds. 

If you like hunting for rocks, the Quartz Crystal…state mineral of Arkansas, are free to pick up off the ground where you find them.

Bring your binoculars and camera when you go visit the Ouachita National Forest. You will not be disappointed. 

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