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51 WEEKS/51 SONGS FROM THE PAST WEEK 5 51-weeks-51-songs-from-the-past

51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 5: Hazell Dean – Who’s Leaving Who


It is week 5 of this musical challenge. Thanks, Hugh, for suggesting we play along!

If anyone else would like to take part, just click the link above to find out how to join in. 🙂


The song I chose for this time is titled, “Wooly Bully”, by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. It was released in 1965, and written by the band’s leader, Domingo Samudio.

I always liked this song because it is such a catchy tune, and I can’t resist tapping my feet, and bopping my head along with it.:)

One funny memory I have for this song is the day our family, along with my cousin’s family took a trip to a place not too far from where we lived, to Roaring Springs. It is a tiny town, but has a wonderful waterfall and swimming pool near by. It is now part of the Roaring Springs Ranch Club, where they have lots of camping, hiking, and such things. In it’s very early days, though, it was a known outpost and campground for Comanche Indians. They would stop over there for the water, which was considered very pure.

So, our family made a day of it at the swimming pool. It is a beautiful place, swimming with the waterfall pouring in. You can go under it, too. All around the area though is just sand and fields, where actual cattle roamed. That included big ‘ol bulls. We were scared they would come after us, but they didn’t.

There was a jukebox at the pool, and someone had put this song on repeat. It played pretty much all day long, over and over. We all liked it though, and for years we’d laugh at the day of the bulls, and the song, “Wooly Bully.”



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