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21 Questions & Answers


21 Questions & Answers


Here are some interesting questions posed by Brian, at … Bonnywood Manor

Go check out his blog…it’s fun!


There are a bunch of Q & A, but it was fun to do.

Anyone else want to give your answers, I’m sure it will be fine. (it’d be nice if you ping back to Brian’s blog, too)



1. Do you happily eat the licorice jellybeans, or do you hurl them aside in wretched disgust?

I eat them, but they are not my favorite. Green ones are the best I think.

2. If you had to choose a vegetable for the title of your autobiography, which one would it be?

Mixed vegetables, like the frozen ones. Same as this blog, a little bit of this and that, and it takes me awhile to warm up to people, but when I’m thawed out, well…you see how silly I can be.

3. Whilst reading the last few pages of an engrossing novel where you still don’t know the answer to “the big question”, are you able to calmly do so, or do you have to fight to keep your eyes from flitting to the final paragraph prematurely?

I try not to skip to the end, and have even covered up the final parts, so I won’t peek ahead of time and ruin the lead up to the end.

4. Can you remember the name of the first book you read that didn’t have any illustrations?


5. What literary character best represents the dreams that you are made of?

I have no idea what this question means.

6. What was your favorite piece of clothing (or accessory) that you wore in high school? Did you steal said item?

In high school? I can remember a favorite from grade school and jr. high, but high school? I know girls weren’t allowed to wear jeans to school until the year after I graduated (which bummed me out), so it had to have been a skirt or dress. Can’t remember at all what it could have looked like. No, I’m sure I didn’t steal whatever it was.

7. Do you know where your last high school yearbook is right at this moment?

Yes, on my bookshelf with the others. I/we look at them pretty often.

8. Let’s assume that you have done something that you shouldn’t have. No one knows you have done it and no one ever will unless you say something. If you don’t confess, your innocent best friend is sentenced to a year in prison but then wins the lottery on the day of release from said prison and becomes a millionaire. (Friend never learns of your duplicity.) If you do confess, you get ten years in prison and no lottery win. Your choice?

I doubt if I’d ever do anything that would be worthy of being sent to prison, but if I have to say…I’d not confess. Of course I’d not know that later on the friend would win the lottery, but ‘let’s assume’ I did know. I’d bet the friend would make it through a year just fine, and then I’d know they’d be so happy afterwards to have all that money.

9. Do you have anything in your home that actually belongs to a former employer?

I don’t think so. It’s been over 40 years since I worked somewhere that had anything I’d want to take home.

10. Did you ever have to finally decide? (You knew I would throw in a song reference at some point.)

Lovin’ Spoonful! Yay! Great song! I can never make a decision on anything, so I try not to. Oh, well maybe I’ve made some decisions, but they usually get vetoed.

11. Name the first song that comes to mind where you know every single word of the lyrics.

Too many!

12. Can you remember the name of everyone who has ever seen you naked as an adult? We’ll toss aside professional/medical experiences, as we’ve all had to throw our legs wide in clinical situations, but this one becomes harder to answer in the affirmative the more you think about it.


13. Through some bit of circumstance, you suddenly find yourself on a nude beach. Which of the following would be your reaction: A) Run screaming in abject horror. B) Hang around a bit to see what’s what whilst remaining chastely covered. C) When in Rome… D) Wave to all of your friends because everybody knows your name.

B & D

14. Given the magical chance to start your life over at a certain point, would you rather go back to your high-school graduation, knowing everything that you know now, or go back ten years, knowing only what you knew then?

I’d go back to high school graduation.

15. You discover that a life-changing sum of money has been mysteriously deposited in your checking account. Upon speaking with a banking representative, you learn that the source wishes to remain anonymous and you will have to reimburse the donor if the name is ever revealed. Do you keep the money?

Yes, of course!

16. Would you rather watch admittedly crappy movies with your loved ones in a living room, where it is guaranteed that the miscreants will constantly interrupt the viewing, or peruse cinematic masterpieces by yourself with no interference?

Living room with family and/or friends. We love to talk during shows of any kind, about what’s happening, and also to the characters on screen, telling them how they should or shouldn’t do whatever it is.

17. Name the movie title that best encapsulates a poor decision in your life.

See # 10 – I don’t make decisions if I can help it.

18. Would you rather write a single book that is hailed as a masterpiece long after you are gone or multiple critically-panned bestsellers whilst you are still on this plane?

I’d rather have multiple books on the marketplace now. Who cares what the critics say, as it’s just their opinion. Maybe lots of people would like my books.

19. Do you secretly write poetry that you have never shared?

I write poetry all the time, and share a lot of it on my blog, but not all. It’s no secret.

20. Do you regret things that you never dared?

Sometimes, about some things.

21. Is there anyone who knows every single thing about you? Do you?

Of course not. Even I don’t know everything about myself, as I’m as surprised as anyone at myself half the time. Every day is a new day, with all kinds of possibilities, and what you do with them can be interesting and amazing.


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