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19 SOMETHIN’ SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY 6 19-somethin_sidebar_button



Q – What did you collect when you were a kid? Do you know what prompted the desire to collect these things?

I remember going to the dime store, called T.G.&Y, here in town. I’d spend my little bit of money on little glass figurines. Pretty much every one would be either a horse or a dog one. They were cheap, but so cute. I had lots of them. I’m pretty sure I still have some, but they are packed away in the shed. I really want to go out there and prowl around and find them, but last time I was out there it was dusty and buggy. Maybe another time I’ll go see.

Here’s a picture of the kind of figurine I’m talking about. This one was from a yard sale not too long ago. My daughter got it for me. We used to call them ‘what-nots’. I think you could call them knick-knacks, or tchotchkes.


What started me collecting these was probably my obsession with anything to do with horses and dogs. Later on I had one of those little decorative shelf things you put tiny figures in the cubby-holes. I have a lot of those, too (in the shed) 🙂


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