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House # 19


House # 19


After the Mr. got back from his stint in S. Korea, he was assigned to Ft. Hood TX. The town it’s next to is Killeen TX.  We did live in government housing right there on base in one of the Villages for family housing. It was called Chaffee Village.

I don’t have any good photos of the outside of the house, but this first one is from a google search. Ours looked like this, where it was brick and siding, with a large divided type window. There were two houses connected by a carport.

The second photo is one I took of our front windows. It looks like the girls had taped up Halloween decorations on the window panes.

We lived in this house for almost 10 years. We liked it fine. There were three bedrooms, a large living room/dining room combo, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. We had a huge back yard which we had fenced in, and a couple of large trees in the back yard. One was more of a huge bush that had pretty white flowers growing on it in the summer.

We had a patio where we cooked out sometimes, too. All the neighbors were friendly and all the kids in the neighborhood knew each other and would roam around everywhere. There were activities for all on base. We really liked living here.

A couple of things we got used to by living on a large Army base was helicopters flying over, sometimes landing right by the road, seeing tanks driving down the road was common, the bugle playing of reveille in the early mornings, the playing of taps in the evenings, and soldiers marching here and there.

We also got used to hearing the cannons booming and our windows rattling when the troops were out in the field for training.

One strange incident that happened on more than one occasion was with our phone. It was a phone hung on the wall, with an extra long curly cord. Sometimes this phone’s receiver would just shoot out from the base of the phone, the cord stretched all the way across the room. The phone wasn’t broken at all, and you’d think if it was, it would just drop down to the floor. But no, this was forcefully thrown of it’s own accord. Never knew when it would happen, and just lucky we weren’t hit with it, though we’d just be sitting there when it happened.

Well, I can’t tell ten years of memories in one post here, so moving on … the Mr. retired from the Army after his last overseas post, which was Somalia. The girls and I just stayed here while he was gone.

Then it was time to move again … and we went back to our home town for the last three houses.


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