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For the challenge today, the word is … Mittens

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Just Jot It January 21st – Mittens




Yes, she lost a little pink mitten. It was one half of her favorite pair…and it was pink!

My grand-daughter, who is 2, loves her mittens, but she has a thing about taking them off. One day, as she sat in her car seat, we were talking to her, while we stood by the open door. We were in the drive-way at home, and she was showing off her mittens to us. Then, later, after we got to the store we were going to, it was missing. We asked her where it was, and she said she dropped it on the ground. But, she wasn’t out of the car to drop it on the ground at all, unless it was dropped while we were talking to her earlier.

So, after getting back home we looked all over in the car, and it wasn’t there. It was not in the driveway. It wasn’t anywhere. The little pink mitten is still missing to this day.

Very strange…Maybe someday it will somehow reappear from wherever  it has been all this time. Do you think so? 🙂


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Today is the last day of the Daily Post, Writing: 201, Poetry, course from Blogging U. It has been lots of fun, and I have learned a lot about writing poems. I’m glad I signed up to do this, and will continue to write and learn more. Thank you to all who have visited here, enjoyed reading, and left comments. I appreciate your support. 🙂 …

The assignment for today was to write a sonnet, about the future, and using chiasmus (key-AHS-mus) which is taking a few words written one way, then reversing it. I tried my best to do the sonnet, but found it to be a bit difficult. There were so many things to remember that go into one! A bit unorthodox, I know, but I have this in two parts…and, I’m sure this broke down into a somewhat free verse, but hope you enjoy it!



Part 1

I saw a course from Blogging U, and joined without delay;

It was to learn to write in verse and rhyme.

So, verily, I began to rhyme and verse…my way.

A Haiku was the first in line, this time.

I didn’t know where this would lead, but I was having fun.

A simile, about the water, and a journey to be done…

Limericks, alliteration, trust, internal rhyme,

A concrete animal, enjambment, too, and counting all the time.

Then came the fog, an elegy, with metaphor, say what?

I got my pen, and dove right in, and gave it all I’ve got.

Some of these made me smile, and then we learned some more…

A ballad for a hero, epistrophe, and an anaphora;

These terms are slowly making sense, even as the course gets harder.

I buckle down, try not to frown, as I feel I’m getting smarter.

Part 2

To pen an ode about a drawer, and an apostrophe, my word!

We go to the Commons, to tell our tale, and be heard.

Then to find a landscape, and enumeratio we go…

We must not stop, we must go forward, tally-ho!

Prose with assonance is easy, though, I let my fingers do the typing.

Our voices raised, we raise our voices, as we each do our own hyping.

Now that this sonnet’s finished, with fanfare and chiasmus…

We shall celebrate our hard work, and now will make a fuss,

From here on out, I do believe, our future can be written…

I love the form, the poetry’s charm, and know that I am smitten!

Yes! Believe it … Poets we are…we are Poets!


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Today’s assignment from Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, was to use found poetry, a landscape, and enumeratio. Found poetry are words found in other places, such as books, magazines, magnetic poetry tiles, or anywhere. You put them together to form your own poem. Enumeratio is a listing of several ideas, or things. I had trouble finding words in other places…well, I found words, but then tried to take a picture of them, which didn’t work…they wouldn’t show up in the picture very good. So, instead, here’s a picture I took of a beautiful sunrise, a while back.




Stand in the air…look up at the ground…

Forests, mountains, sand, and sea,

All I see is magic to me.

Stars, planets, sun, and moon…

Morning, evening, night, and noon…

Ever changing, dark to light,

I live in such a wondrous sight.

Up into the stratosphere,

It’s aura far, yet still so near.

Hard as ice, or soft summer breeze,

Give me more of all that, please.

I found the words inside my brain…

The horde in there, does cause such pain.

I conjure them up, to write them down…

Now, I can smile instead of frown.

Yes, you know not what I mean,

To live and breathe a waking dream.

So beautiful, it makes me cry…

My landscape is of course…the sky.


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Today’s assignment from Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry … We were tasked with writing an ode, a drawer (and what you find there), and the apostrophe…which is addressing a specific person or object.



You may be square, and plain, and blue,

But file drawer, how I worry for you.

Inside, you hold magnificent treasure…

Irreplaceable dreams, the muses pleasure.

Words upon words, fill spirals with care,

A three-ring circus of notebooks, there.

Large ones, small ones, thick ones, and thin,

A spectrum of colors, without and within.

Dear file drawer, you hold secrets so dear,

You’re fireproof, I know, yet still I fear.

The tragedies and triumphs, the dramas you hold,

Your safekeeping I trust, for my stories untold.


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Today’s poem assignment from the Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, is called Prose Poetry, using the repeated vowel sounds of assonance, and the word to incorporate was fingers.



Have you seen water be weird, while freezing? Wee little waves, like fingers reaching up out of the tiny sea, entering my heart with fear. Entities evolving, ethereally…eternally reacting…reacting to their reality. Weaving each little fingertip into eerie shapes. Briefly being created, before returning to water, grieving as they melt. We truly believe we’re relieved.


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Today’s poem assignment from Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, we were given these elements to use…A Ballad, a hero/heroine, and using anaphora or epistrophe (the repetition of words at the beginning or ending of the poem, on more than one line)…

To me, this was a bit difficult at first, trying to merge all  three into one poem. After researching how to do a ballad, I found they usually have a certain sound to them, as in a beat you stress a word on, and a way to do the rhyme scheme, also.

It got a bit easier, after doing some rearranging of the lines, and a lot of counting and stressing words out loud. It seemed like a math problem at first, and I am not good at numbers, at all.

Then there was the part of hero/heroine…I don’t really know of any, so mine is just a general fits all type. In the end it tends to sound like a mushy greeting card sentiment! Maybe that is what a ballad is, like in musical power ballads…a mushy love song? I don’t know, but here is what I came up with…Enjoy!



A friend of mine, you’ve been to me…

Let me say you are so bright.

A friend of mine, so fun and free,

Let me laugh in sheer delight.

You give me candy kisses, and

A giant pink balloon…

You give me a helping hand, and then

A flower so sweet I swoon.

For dinner, lunch, or picnic brunch,

You give me music and tea…

For all I need, I have a hunch,

You will always be there for me

And so you know just how I feel,

I write this poem for you…

And so you know my love is real,

I write in ink true blue.


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Today’s suggestion from the Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, was to share a favorite poet’s poem.

A favorite poet of mine is Edgar Allan Poe (American author and poet,1809-1849) As far back as middle school, when I wrote an essay about his life, I’ve been fascinated by all his work. Most everyone’s heard of the ‘Raven’, which I love, but there were many more, that evoke a darkness…a mysterious feeling.


In visions of the dark night

I have dreamed of joy departed;

But a waking dream of life and light

Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! What is not a dream by day

To him whose eyes are cast

On things around him, with a ray

turned back upon the past?

That holy dream, that holy dream,

While all the world was chiding,

Hath cheered me as a lovely beam,

A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro’ storm and night,

So trembled from afar–what could there be more

In Truth’s star purely bright


~Edgar Allan Poe


Another poet I’ve been interested in reading about his life and work, is Oscar Wilde (Irish writer and poet…1854-1900). He led a very controversial lifestyle, and was even imprisoned for 2 years because of it. This is either a poem or quote that reads as a poem, and I couldn’t find a title for it, but I love the words.


Run your fingers through my soul.

For once, just once,

Feel exactly what I feel,

Believe what I believe,

Perceive as I perceive,

Look, experience, examine,

And for once…just once…


~Oscar Wilde


These next poets, I have found through social media, and write some of today’s best poems (my opinion)…

Michael Xavier

Lang Leav

Michael Traveler (Traveler on the Backroads)


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Today’s assignment from Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry…an elegy, using metaphor, and the word fog…



I could bury your lost soul in fog,

The mists of time mysterious…

Seeping through my brain’s lament,

You make me most delirious.

I will not bury you now,

To let you rot away…

You are the beating of my heart,

And there you’ll always stay.

As I release you out of my mind,

I see you in my dream…

A ghost upon my psyche…

So present, yet still unseen.

I cried when you were finished, then…

But never were you diminished…

A breath of life I gave to you,

And now you are replenished.

I write your story on my soul,

To bring you back to life…

A supernatural being, now

free of pain and strife.

Your cryptic ghostly wanderings,

Your still alive remains…

I write your story on my soul,

And sing your sad refrains.


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Hi, again! Today is the 5th day of writing poems for the Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry course. Suggested to try, was the Concrete Poem, the enjambment, and an animal …

Well, I couldn’t figure out how to do the Concrete shape (a poem written so that it forms a shape of something), so just went with the poem form of enjambment, which means to continue a sentence or thought onto the next line, and the animal part was easy.

However, here is a picture of a Tiger, that I painted a  long time ago! 🙂



In misty dreams you

Came to me

When I was only two or three.

A forest dark, and deep, and

Green, I wondered what my dreams

Could mean. You were my friend, my

Spirit kin…a guardian without, within…

I was born into your year, your Tiger Spirit

Always near. Magnificent eyes, shining bright, I

Weep at what now is your plight; endangered in this

Cruel world…victim of the weapons hurled. If only we could

Be at peace…return to dreams without surcease, to that mystery

Forest, in the night, we could try to make it right. I know that you will

Always be, in my dreams…a part of me … Tiger…my Spirit Animal …<3

ghost 042



Hi, again…Today’s Daily Post for Blogging U, and Writing 201: Poetry

Suggestions for us to try include…an Acrostic form of poem, an internal rhyme, and the word prompt was Trust…


INTUITION (Instincts)

Insecurity leads to indecision

Need to trust your intuition

Settle down, no need to frown

Try not to let it get you down

Inside whisper, becoming crisper

Never ignore your super transistor

Confidence will grow, just go with the flow

Trust your instincts, and soon you will know

Supernatural is not a superstition…if you trust your intuition


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