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Two Souls: Into the Fire # 258


Two Souls: Into the Fire # 258

Warning … adult content



# 258

warning…adult content


Steve continued driving down I-40, heading for Oklahoma City. Ghost napped, and Linda was keeping up, following them. The first fast food place Steve saw, he pulled in. Linda and the kids pulled up beside him, in the parking lot of a McDonald’s. Stevie and Mandy were excited that this one had a play yard, and as soon as they were allowed, they made a beeline for it. Pretty soon, Linda had to call them over to eat their breakfast.

As they sat there at the table, Steve laid out the next phase of the trip. “I want to avoid going down the middle of the city. This here road, or highway, or whatever it’s called that we’re on…”

“Interstate…” Ghost said, interrupting.

“Interstate, yeah…anyway,” Steve said, “it goes around the city, mostly, and comes out this exit to keep going. That’s what we’ll do. He showed Linda on the map. “We may get separated a little, but just stay on 40 and you’ll see me, after we get out in the open again. I’ll pull over.

Linda nodded, “Yes, I think I’ve got it.”

They finished eating, and Linda let the kids play for a few more minutes. As they watched, Steve said, “I figure we’ve got a few hundred miles in us today. It’s still early, and I’m hoping to make it most of the way through Arkansas.”

“With a couple of stops?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, and then we can stay the night in Little Rock.” He showed her where that was, on the map.

Ghost leaned in to take a look, running his finger across the Interstate line Steve had highlighted. Then, he stopped, making a circle around a town called Ozark. It was not too far past the Oklahoma border. Then he followed the line farther past Little Rock, and stopped at another town, Forrest City. They both were just off the I-40 highway.

“What’cha looking for?” Steve asked.

Ghost didn’t answer for a minute, just kept concentrating on those two towns. “We have to stop at these places, Steve.”

“Huh…why? There’s nothing there we need to stop for, and they’re barely even big enough to be on the map,” Steve said, shaking his head.

Ghost looked up. “I have to.”

Steve could tell he was serious about it. “What is it, Ghost? Why these towns? I mean, we’ll probably need gas and all anyway, but what’s the deal with these?”

Shrugging, Ghost said, “I have to find something.” He pointed, again, to the two towns. “It’s there…and…there.” They looked to be several hundred miles apart.

“Find what?” Linda asked. “Have you ever been to these places?”

“No, but there’s something. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it drawing me to them. It’s mine, and I have to get it. It’s been waiting a long time,” Ghost said. He was getting that far-away look in his eyes, that Steve knew so well. The look that he knew Ghost was seeing things…visions of something, something important, and he’d be telling some fantastic story any second now.

Normally, Steve loved hearing Ghost’s stories, and loved that Ghost could do this, but not right now. They needed to get going, again. “Ok, so we stop at these towns. Then what?” Steve asked, trying to derail the story a bit.


“Listen, Ghost, we need to get back on the road. I don’t know what it is you need to find, but we can make a quick stop, if you want to.” He looked over at Linda. “Okay with you?”

“Uh, sure…I wouldn’t mind. We could get out and stretch our legs, I guess,” Linda said.

Sighing, Steve said, “Then we’ll stop. For now, let’s just get back on the road.” He got up from the table, while Linda went to get the kids from the play yard.

“It is important, Steve.”

“I know.”


They were finally all back in the truck and van, and were heading east, again, to find something…something that was calling to Ghost. Steve kept trying to find a good radio station to listen to. Ghost was leaning his head back on the seat, but he wasn’t asleep. He wasn’t looking at the passing scenery, either. He was seeing something, though, Steve knew.

“You want to talk about it?” he asked.

“Hmm?” Ghost murmured.

“Talk – about – it? About what it is that you’re supposed to find,” Steve said.

“Oh, I don’t know what it is,” Ghost said.

Steve sighed. “This isn’t some wild goose chase is it?” he said, instantly regretting saying that, figuring Ghost would start talking about chasing geese, now.

“No, I’m not gonna talk about geese, Steve. I know what you mean, but I can’t explain it. I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to find, but I’ll know it’s the right thing, when I see it.” He thought for a minute. “It’s for sale. I have to buy it back, because it used to be mine, or my grandmother’s. It’s telling me to come find it, and bring it back home.” He rubbed his forehead. “It’s making my head hurt.”

“Well, don’t think abut it, then,” Steve said.

Ghost gave him a look. “Right, like I can stop it.”

“Well, why don’t you take a nap. It’s still a long way off.”

“Guess I’ll try,” Ghost said, and tried to get into a more comfortable position.

“Don’t hang your head out the window like that,” Steve said, as Ghost had done exactly that.

“Shh, I can’t sleep with you talking and interrupting,” Ghost said. He didn’t change his position, though.

“Well, don’t get all pissy about it,” Steve said. Ghost didn’t answer, and Steve figured he’d best leave it at that. He changed the radio channels some more, and kept on driving.

As the afternoon continued, the sun beat down on them ever hotter. Steve had gotten tired of listening to the radio; it was mostly advertisements, static, or songs he didn’t like. Ghost was still asleep, slumped over in an awkward position. The window was still rolled down, letting in the hot air, and he saw that Ghost was getting a bit sunburned, now.

“Hey, Ghost, wake up.” He reached over, shaking Ghost until he woke up. “You’re getting all red. Sit up and roll up the window. I’m turning on the air-conditioner.”

“Huh…what?” Ghost could barely say anything, his mouth was so dry. “Dry…need water,” he managed to say, as he shoved himself into a more or less sitting position. He was squinching his eyes against the brightness of the day.

“Roll up the window.” Steve flipped on the A/C which at first blasted hot air on them.

“Aagghh,” Ghost panted, and tried to swallow.

Steve thought of how he’d love to pull over and moisten Ghost’s mouth with his own. “No,” he thought, “I can’t think it right now.” He looked over at Ghost again, relieved Ghost hadn’t heard that thought.

Ghost was coughing and choking, now.

“Ghost, you gonna be okay?” Steve asked, alarmed now.

Ghost shook his head, and gasped. His cheeks were still red, but around his mouth was turning pale, tinged with blue.

“Oh God, hang on, I’m pulling over,” Steve said, as he put on the brakes, grinding to a halt in the gravel on the side of the road. He needed to cool Ghost off quickly, but there wasn’t any water in the U-Haul. Linda had all the drinks in the cooler, in in her van, and she was still about a mile behind them.

With some trouble, as Ghost had somehow slid sideways in the seat, Steve unfastened the seat belt. He aimed the air-conditioner vents toward Ghost’s face. Then, he didn’t know what else to do, until Linda caught up with them. He watched helplessly, as Ghost’s eyes rolled back, and heard his jerky breathing.

“Hurry up, Linda,” he begged.

When he saw her pull over behind the truck, he jumped out, running over and hollering, “Water…cold water…ice…anything…now…”

“What is it?” Linda asked, handing him the key to unlock the back of the van, where the cooler was.

He didn’t answer, just grabbed a bottle of water, and some paper towels. She followed him, to see what was going on.

“Oh my God…he’s had a heat stroke or something.”

Steve wetted the paper towels, and bathed Ghost’s head, face, arms, and chest with the cool water. He tried to get him to take a sip of water.

“Steve, he can’t drink, he’s passed out. Just keep cooling him,” Linda said. She went to get more bottles of water, and to check on the kids.

“C’mon, Ghost, wake up,” Steve kept saying, as he pushed Ghost’s long hair off his forehead and neck, and kept blotting the paper towels on him.

Linda came back, handing Steve another bottle of water. “How is he?”

“Still out. What else can we do?”

“Try your phone. See if you can get a connection. I tried mine and it wasn’t working,” Linda said. “Here let me…” she took the water.

Steve found his phone and tried it. “Dammit, nothing,” he said.

Ghost seemed to be coming around, now.  “Ghost, come on, you’re almost there,” Steve said, hovering over Linda’s shoulder.

“What…why…it’s cold,” Ghost said, pushing Linda’s hand away. “Let me up.”


Next part coming soon!


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This is a work of “fan fiction” based on the novel, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. All credit for the original characters, places, and some backstory mentions, belong to Ms. Brite and her publishing affiliates. Only newly introduced characters, places, and original elements of this story are entirely from my imagination. Character descriptions are a blend of the original book descriptions and my interpretation of them.

All songs included in this work will be solely owned by the original performers/writers and will be credited. Creative liscense is taken in including them in this story.

No harm is intended toward author, muscians, or people and situations to whom there may be a resemblence.

warning      warning      warning      warning

The content herein is rated by me as being at the high end of MA (Mature Audience). It includes strong language, violence, sexual themes, including same sex pairings, religious themes, and fantasy horror.

Just Jot It January # 23 – Drive


Just Jot It January # 23 – Drive

Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 23rd, 2020


Janet gave us our prompt word for today. Thanks so much, Janet!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 23rd, 2020, is “drive.” Use the word “drive” any way you’d like. Have fun!


Trying to think of something to say about ‘drive’ or ‘driving’.

I never liked to drive very much, though I did it for years. Makes me too nervous. I don’t even remember the last time I actually did any driving at all … maybe for a year or two.

There isn’t anywhere I want to drive to anyway, and the mister drives us to the grocery store, or to a restaurant. I’d much rather be the passenger so I can look out the windows, and take photos of things I see. I do a lot of ‘drive-by photos’.

Do you remember those old TV shows, where the family would get in their car and go for a drive – just to drive around – maybe on a Sunday? I can’t remember us ever doing that. Maybe people stopped doing that when gas prices went up so much.

I do remember one time my sister and I took a  26 mile drive around the newly constructed loop around the city. That was just for fun. Back in the day parts of it was way out in the boonies, but now the city has built up all around and past the loop. Now I cringe whenever we drive on the loop, as people drive so awful and so many wrecks happen on it.

Well, that’s about all I have for today. Have a good one! 🙂


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Anagrams – One Liner Wednesday & Just Jot It January # 22


Anagrams – One Liner Wednesday & Just Jot It January # 22


One-Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan the 15th, 2020 – Aesthetic


Anagrams are fun!


An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once


One of the first games I ever played when I was a kid, was Anagrams. It had square tiles you chose at random, and tried to make words from them.

Here’s a few that turn out cool. I read them in a book. 🙂

  • Astronomers … becomes Moon Starers
  • A Decimal Point … becomes I’m a dot in place
  • New York Times … becomes Monkey’s Write
  • The eyes … becomes They see


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Flower of the Day – Cheery Berry


Flower of the Day – Cheery Berry


I started to call this ‘cherry berry’, but these berries are not really cherries. Anyway, they are red, and cheery. The flowers are white carnations, and there are sprigs of evergreen leaves. Oh, there’s a pine cone in there, too.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

FOTD – December 8, 2019 – Grape Hyacinth


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Christmas Memory # 3 – No Fun


Christmas Memory # 3 – No FunClick to view




For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


Usually on Christmas day around here it is a nice day. We do have some years that it is cool to cold, and very seldom do we have snow.

So, after we kids would unwrap all the presents, we could go outside to play with our new toys.

Except one year I didn’t get to go out to play. It seems I’d come down with chicken pox. Yes, on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to me?

Nope, all I could do was stand at the big picture window in the living room and watch my sister and cousins and friends out in the yard playing. Without me … 😦


Another memory that wasn’t quite as bad as Chicken Pox, was my disappointment at getting a less than wanted gift. To say I was a brat about it would be in order.

It was the first year that the Barbie Doll was created and available to buy (1959). I wanted one, and so did my cousin. Well, when we opened our gifts, she got the Barbie, and I got … an imitation one. It was a similar doll, called Babette. It wasn’t a Barbie, and you could sure tell. Of course my cousin was bragging about her ‘real’ one all day.


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Share Your World & a Flashback


Flashback SYWbanner319


It’s another Monday, and time for new questions from Melanie and answers from me! To join in, and see other entries, just click the above link. Thanks, so much for taking on the SYW challenge!

Here are the Qs & As =

What’s your remedy for the Holiday blues?

I don’t think I ever have the holiday blues. Not sure even what this means. You either like celebrating the holidays, or you don’t.

You may at times feel forced to socialize with family, friends, or co-workers, you know – put on a happy face. I don’t think I’d feel ‘blue’ about it, though. I know I don’t like parties much, anyway, but for a little while I can handle it.

Now later on, after all the build up to a holiday, the actual festivities, and then there is maybe a let down feeling that all the fun has gone away until next time. Would that be feeling ‘blue’?

Your favorite beverage (if it differs) during the holiday season?  If it doesn’t differ, just answer the ‘what’s your favorite beverage” part. 

I drink hot coffee and iced tea all the time. It never changes, except with milk for breakfast. I do like the taste of egg nog at Christmas, though, just a little bit of it.

This one has been asked before, but what’s your take on pumpkin spice?

I like pumpkin pie very much. That’s the only thing pumpkin I’ve ever had, and all the other foods that have this spice flavor I don’t think I’d like at all.



Now, look what I found.

I was going through some old posts and found the very first Share Your World one I ever did. It was when Cee was the host of the challenge, and these are the questions from that one. 🙂

*I looked at the link I’d put on here, but that page isn’t there any more, so I took it out*




I ran across this interesting blog the other day. The blogger puts different challenges on for people to participate in. The one I wanted to do today is called “Share Your World”. Every week there is a new prompt. This is the first one I will be doing. The prompt had a list of several topics to choose from…you could pick four, and then list four things related to these that you like. It is just a fun way to get to know more about each other, and find some new blogs to read. I like that idea. 🙂

Here are the topics I chose to respond to …


I love all kinds of music, so it was hard to choose only four, but for today I’ll say…

Amie by Pure Prairie League

High Enough by Damn Yankees

The Bliss & Lola Montez  by Volbeat

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Then I listen to the Eagles songs pretty much every day, because…the Eagles! Also, I like the Steve Miller Band songs.



I’d love to have a whole wall done in chalkboard…that way I could write and draw on the wall, and change it whenever I wanted. (I have a thing since I was a kid about writing on the walls…actually got in trouble for it 😉

An indoor atrium/patio with lots of plants and tropical things.

One of those clay type fire pit that you burn wood in…called a chiminea.

I would love to have a huge covered, wooden porch, with an old fashioned porch swing.



My grandchildren. They are so funny in the things they say and do.

My cats…always cute and silly. (sadly all my indoor cats have passed on now)

Typos and bloopers in newspapers, or on signs…they crack me up every time.

“I Love Lucy” television show. No matter how many times I’ve seen them, I always laugh.








So, that’s the list I did. Hope you enjoyed reading some of the things I like!


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Oh No – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Oh


Oh No -Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Oh

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 19/19


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “oh.” Use it as a word or find a word that starts with “oh.” Bonus points if you start and end with “oh.” Enjoy!


Today for SOCS, Linda G. Hill, has prompted us with the word ‘oh’. Thanks, Linda!

If you’d like to join in this weekly challenge, and see other entries, just click the link above. It’s fun! 🙂


Oh, my word!

I say this a lot, and probably more than once a day. I don’t know why, just when something is cool, funny, astounding, weird, or even when something is not good – I say, “Oh, my word!” So does my daughter. We both go around “Oh, my word – ing” all the time. haha

Is this a southern saying – I don’t know, but we’ve always said it.

Why is it we say – my word? – what is ‘my word’? Why don’t we just say what our word is? Some people say, “Oh, my stars!” That’s a good one, too.

I have too many quotation marks and dashes in the above sentences, don’t I? Not gonna change it.

I’ve heard people say, “Oh, snap!” too. What does that mean? Is snap a milder word that you can say instead of a bad one? Maybe.

Another thing I write a lot is the elongated, “Ohhhhh’. That’s when I’ve realized something – I got it – what ever it was. “Ohhhhh, yeah!”

Sometimes instead of just saying “oops” or “sorry”, you can just say, ‘Oh, no!” – or “Uh-Oh!”

**end of “Oh” post

So that was that, and I started and ended with the word, “Oh”. 🙂 Yay for bonus points!

Wishing you a fun weekend! 🙂


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Fashion


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Fashion CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fashion


Today Cee wants us to consider fashion.

It’s fun to look back at how fashions come and go over the years.

The first photos are from a coloring book I have that show fashions from the 1950s. There were lots of prints in fabrics, and women wore dresses a lot of the time. These shown have fitted tops and mid-calf poofy skirts.




A lot of the time people would sew their own clothes from paper patterns. I know I did. I took home making in school, where we learned to use a sewing machine, and work from these kind of patterns.

This is a photo of one of my patterns to make aprons.




A visit to an antique store had lots of old fashioned fashion clothes. I don’t know from what era these were from, but the clothes were very fancy looking. The red dress was so pretty, and the mannequin was wearing a red hat, too. Hats were very popular back then. There were many racks of fancy dresses to look at or buy.


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