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World Record – 3 Things Challenge


World Record -3 Things Challenge

Today’s prompt: hammer, braid, Canada

Today’s prompt: cow, trapeze, avocado

Today’s prompt: lipstick, piano, butterfly


Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge, Paula! 🙂


World Record

It was time…time for the daredevil act of the century. If this stunt could be successfully accomplished, it would qualify as a historic page in the history books.

The contestant was back stage getting herself prepared. She scrubbed her face with an avocado paste, applied ‘Radiant Red’ lipstick, and braided her hair with ribbons. Being a Canadian citizen, she wore a white cape with a red Maple Leaf design stitched on. She felt ready to begin her flight into history.

The people from Guinness Record Books were there, too, to document this never before done trapeze act. It was a first to beat all firsts.

Gong Gong Gong

The hammer beat upon the gong to signal it was starting. The crowd was hushed in anticipation. Then, as the star of the day came into the arena, the loudspeakers introduced her to a rousing piano tune.

Mounting the specially made trapeze, she swung higher and higher, and even higher…and she let go! Soaring through the air as beautiful as a butterfly

the cow jumped over the moon!

photo found on Pixabay


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Green Gunk – Three Things Challenge # 33/34/35


Green Gunk – Three Things Challenge # 33/34/35

Today’s prompt: earthquake, vanilla, pillbox

Today’s prompt: guitar, forest, caviar 

Today’s prompt: stockings, radio, algae


I felt the earthquake seconds before hearing the emergency announcement on the radio. I’d been through earthquakes before, so wasn’t overly concerned. However, the shaking and undulating kept on for quite awhile this time.

I was still in my stocking feet, but I knew my earthquake survival tips. First, though, I grabbed my pillbox. If things got too bad, I’d need my medications.

The rumbling continued. Living as I did near the redwood forest, I hoped none of the ancient trees would topple over. I was surprised to hear the radio still playing guitar tunes in between warnings and updates.

Things in my house started falling now, including my spice rack that had been hanging on the wall in the kitchen. A bottle of vanilla broke open. It smelled really nice, and I’d have enjoyed it more if I could be sure my house would still be standing when this was over. My expensive jar of caviar was next to bite the dust, as it were. That smell wasn’t as nice, but it did make me hungry. I adore caviar on toast points, and vowed to get another jar soon.

And now it is over. I stood up, checking for more damage. Outside others were coming out of their houses, too. We weren’t prepared for what we saw. A giant crack in the earth was right in front of our houses…the street was one long fissure. It had swallowed up the cars, the sidewalks, and everything else in it’s path. There was some kind of green gunk too, that was creeping up the sides. It looked like algae to me, and I didn’t want to get near it, so I went back inside to start cleaning up.

The radio was still playing, but I froze when I heard the next warning. They were saying the green algae was all over town…suspected to be highly radioactive. We were to stay indoors, sealing up any doors and windows so it wouldn’t contaminate us.

Well crap…where did I put the duct tape?


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Three Things Challenge # 29/30


Three Things Challenge # 29/30

Today’s prompt: merchant, danger, lavender

Today’s prompt: rocks, oregano, carburetor


It was 1971. My friends and I were rolling down the road, singing along to the songs on the radio. We had no forewarning…



The little golden bell tinkled as we entered the shop. We’d never seen this place before, but there it was, exactly when we needed it, appearing out of no where.

You see, our van had broken down, now forlorn on the side of the road as we’d traveled the highways and byways. Adventure was our motto, but how could we continue now? We needed a mechanic.

This place didn’t look like a garage, but maybe we could call someone. There was the scent of burning incense and oregano, or maybe something a little more enticing, wafting in the small room. The merchant, came out of a back area. There was something strange about him, though, as he never spoke a word to us at first. He picked up two, lavender painted rocks from the counter, which he struck together three times.

“Your carburetor is fixed,” he said.

Well, we thanked him and left money for his help, as we stepped back outside to our van. It started right up, and we took off back down the road.

Now, you may think this was just a hallucination on our part, but it happened. Talking about it later on, we all said we’d felt an aura of danger about the man we encountered. We were all glad to be on our way.


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Three Things Challenge # 27/28


Three Things Challenge # 27/28

Today’s prompt: divorce, umbrella, octopus

Today’s prompt: nose, Alabama, sailboat


Divorcing myself from living on land, I bought a sailboat. My goal was to just follow my nose, have fun, and  sail to all kinds of interesting places. I started sailing off the Gulf Coast of Alabama on a sultry summer day. The waters were calm, and there was a breeze just right.

When I anchored here and there in my travels, I’d sit on deck under my umbrella. It was relaxing to just take my time to read, write, or sip some refreshing drink. When I got tired, I’d go on scuba diving tours. I hoped to someday see an octopus in among all the beautiful tropical fishes of the deep waters.

It’s a good life, and I’ve never regretted exchanging land for the open seas.


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Legend IRL – Three Things Challenge # 22/23/24/25


Three Things Challenge # 22/23/24/25


Today’s prompt: report, nanny, zombies

Today’s prompt: charisma, guacamole, rose

Today’s prompt: chess, aliens, greenhouse

Today’s prompt: sandwich, cloud, legend



Wow…I’m really behind in doing these challenge prompts! So, today I’ve mashed the past four together using all the words. Maybe tomorrow I can get on track of doing one per day? 🙂


Legend IRL

Today’s weather report is calling for clouds with a chance of sandwiches. haha Not really, but when our nanny babysits for my little zombie and alien hybrid babies, she likes to tell them fantastical stories. She has a lot of charisma for a nanny.

Besides telling the kids fun stories, she’s a whiz at playing chess. She usually wins when we play. That’s why I brought her a bouquet of red roses. I grow them in my greenhouse, you know. When the children are taking a nap, we set up the chess board, get out some chips and guacamole to snack on, and play the game for an hour or so.

I’ll tell ya, our nanny is a legend in real life. I’m glad we hired her for the job. It wasn’t easy finding a nanny who saw no problem with a mixed race family.


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My Friend Flower – Three Things Challenge # 18/19


My Friend Flower – Three Things Challenge # 18/19

Today’s prompt: velvet, cloud, hippie

Today’s prompt: uranium, moss, dancer


Her name was Flower. She always wore a garland of daisies atop her long, straight hair. I knew her in those hippie days of the 60s, and she was my friend.

I tell you this now, after many years have gone by…many years…

Pardon me a moment while I collect my thoughts.

We were only play acting, you know. Play acting at being hippies, because we thought it was cool. We both came from nice, upper middle class families. We were in high school, and had our steady boyfriends. But there was cloud of discord hanging over our generation. I see it now, though back then we had no idea really, what was going on in the world. We wore our velvets, and tie-dye tee-shirts, our Jesus sandals, and our rose tinted granny glasses, and danced to the latest records at parties. We crafted love beads and traded with our group of friends, and proclaimed peace not war. It was a time of innocence bordering on the rim of social injustice, and we felt a part of it.

Then, our boyfriends graduated and were called into this country’s armed services, headed for Viet Nam. Flower and I were among those who protested the war, but what really could we do? We still partied with our friends and sent care packages overseas to our boyfriends, and tried to make the best of things until we were reunited.

One spring day, Flower and I went down to the creek just to hang out. We talked of peace and war there by the moss covered rocks, while doves cooed in the branches of the weeping willow trees. Then, planning to go out that night to a little hole in the wall coffee shop, we painted our faces with glow in the dark paints. We giggled, thinking of how fun it would be to see everyone under the black lights there. We’d take part in the entertainment…she’d play her guitar, while I read a poem I’d written.

We did go that night, and it was a good night. That was one of the last good nights with Flower.

Just a moment, please…

Flower became very sick soon after that night. It was determined that the glow in the dark paint we’d used was tainted. We had no idea it was made with uranium in it. It was radioactive.

Why she got the radiation poisoning that killed her, and I didn’t remains a mystery. Maybe she’d used more of the paint than I had. I don’t know. Within six weeks she was gone. She never got to see her boyfriend come back home. She was as much a victim of the war as millions of others, I believe.

I’m glad she was my friend. I miss her.


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The Kangaroo Hops – Three Things Challenge # 15 # 16 # 17


The Kangaroo Hops – Three Things Challenge # 15  # 16 # 17


Today’s prompt: orange, mosquito, license

Today’s prompt: filter, keepsake, salad

Today’s prompt: kangaroo, light bulb, taco


poquito = little

mojito = Cuban cocktail


After getting my liquor license, I opened my own little hole-in-the wall pub I named The Kangaroo Hops. Besides artisan crafted beers, my specialty is a twist on the cocktail called Mojito. It is made with oranges instead of limes, and quite refreshing. I use filtered orange juice, lime wedges, and white Rum. The little mosquitoes  that fly around the streetlights at night, occasionally come in for a sip, too. They prefer it more than their usual blood meal from their human hosts.

My customers are very laid back, and don’t mind sharing their drinks, as they are busy chowing down on my signature salad, which is a vegetarian’s delight, It features keepsake tomatoes, grown from organic heirloom seeds.

Along with the veggie salad and cocktails, I also provide a few other munchies, because drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Finger foods are the way to go, and if I do say so myself, the chef has outdone himself with his own version of the taco. He calls them poquito taquitos, which are rolled up corn tortillas stuffed with spicy meat, then deep fried. Everyone seems to like them.

If you’re looking for a unique place to just kick back and relax of an evening, drop on in when you see the flashing, neon light bulb over the door. We’re open 5 – 12 seven days a week. We welcome all.


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Three Things Challenge # 13 & # 14


Three Things Challenge # 13 & # 14

Today’s prompt: toothpaste, spaceship, clover

Today’s prompt: finger, waffle, javelin


The Clover leaf restaurant is a funky kind of place…my kind of place. I never know from one visit to the next what outrageous … well, what’s a good word to describe the things I see there, eclectic maybe? Everything is diverse and mingled in a great big mash up of tastes. The food they serve changes every day, the costumes the employees wear, the decorative touches all change.

I was in the mood for waffles, as it was mid-morning when I entered the restaurant. I was met at the reception desk by a guy holding a javelin. He didn’t say a word, but just banged his spear three times on the floor. Then he pointed the sharp end toward a table.

After sitting down, I picked up the menu booklet, and running my finger down the listed items, I finally found the breakfast food offerings of the day. There were little pictures of the food by the descriptions. For waffles, they were called Out of This World, and were in the shape of a spaceship, instead of being the normal looking square or round ones. Giggling to myself, I ordered them, and do you know what? The spaceship waffles were the best I’d ever tasted. They were truly out of this world good.

When I was presented with my ticket to pay, it came with a small tube of complimentary toothpaste and a Smurf toy. I think this is a hint of what the restaurant will be featuring tomorrow.

I’ll be back!

Smurf, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

found on Pixabay


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Three Things Challenge # 12


Three Things Challenge # 12

Today’s prompt: meatloaf, charger, sunblock


I was busy fixing a meatloaf for my supper, when the end of the world happened.

Just as I put the dish into the oven to cook, all the electricity in the house went out. I tried the lights, the TV, and checked the fuse box, but they all looked fine…just wouldn’t work.

Getting a bit worried, I grabbed my cell phone to call my friends. I wanted to know if their power was out, too. When I turned on my phone, though, I saw that I only had one % left in the battery. Crap! I got my charger and plugged it in. Of course I’d forgotten that to charge my phone, I needed electricity.

Now I was without supper and no phone life left. I knew I should have remembered to charge it up, but I was notorious about forgetting it.

I went outside. It was still daylight, as it was only about 5 p.m. The sun was on it’s way down, though. At least I think it was. Something was causing a sunblock. Well, I don’t know if that was what you’d call it, but the sky was funny looking. It wasn’t bright out, but there weren’t any clouds either. My neighbors were all outside, too, looking around. So it wasn’t just me and my house.

What happened next you won’t believe unless you were there. All the civil defense sirens began blowing…so loud! We heard the announcement like a voice from on high, but it was just the speakers attached to the power poles.

We have been invaded by unknown planetary entities …take cover…take cover now!

And so we did.

I ran back into my house, just running around from room to room, not knowing what to do. I’ve always been aware of tornado safety rules, and earthquake survival tips, but what will save me from alien invasion? Nothing! I’m doomed!

Finally, I grabbed my purse, because that’s what you do in an emergency, of course, and crawled under my bed. Maybe if they couldn’t see me, I’d be okay. I stayed there for I don’t know how long, but it seemed like hours. Eventually another announcement came over the speakers that all was clear. The electricity came back on and the TV news was giving explanations about the incident.

It seems the alien spacecraft that had blocked our sunshine, and depleted our electricity were not invading at all. They were friendly, but were just making a pit stop to charge up their own vehicle space ship while on their way to another planet.

Whew! Everyone was fine, but I really think they could have given us a little warning that they were stopping by for a short visit. Don’t you?


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Hello? – Three Things Challenge # 6


Hello? – Three things Challenge # 6


Today’s prompt: bouquet, telephone, screwdriver


ring ring ring


Is this the bouquet store?

Uh…no…what’s a bouquet store?

Oh, you know…the store that sells bouquets…flowers?

Flowers? No m’am …we’re the screwdriver store…you know…hardware?

Hardware? I don’t need hardware or screwdrivers…I need bouquets of flowers. Do you have any?

Let me check.

on hold music…

Are you there?

Yes, what did you find out?

Well, we have some of those cell phone covers that have flowers on them. Would that be something you’d consider?

For my telephone?

Yes, for your telephone…your mobile telephone…your cell phone. Flower bouquet covers. They’re really pretty.

Hmmm…okay. How late are you open?

9 p. m. We’re the store at Main Street and 34th…you can’t miss it…we have a big sign, big yellow letters…Screwdriver Store.

Well, thank you so much! I’ll be in later to buy my bouquet of flowers for my telephone, and you know what? I’ll buy a screwdriver, too, since you’ve been so helpful.

Thanks! See you then.



Photos found on Pixabay


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